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Back to the bridge

Posted on 08 Aug 2018 @ 10:34pm by Commander Celina Chambers & Warrant Officer 1 Victor "Zane" Vossler

Mission: Mission 3: Sombra da Águia

Commander Chambers had just finished up a communique to her daughter. From what the Commander had heard, Cadet Chambers was making a great impression on her instructors thus far. Jessica was always a very bright girl, Celina was rather curious what career path she would take once she was done with her basic studies.

The chime from her office door startled her and she almost jumped before calling out "Come in" she wasn't sure who it was, as she didn't have any appointments scheduled at the time.

Zane made his way down to the XO's office to personally retrieve her after being relieved as officer of the deck. He pressed the chime and waited, relieved to be out of the hot seat, he was looking forward to a hot cup of coffee from the mess and a few hours of rack time before he was back on duty. After hearing the reply from the other side of the door, he entered and went to attention.

"Excuse me ma'am. The Captain wanted me to assure that you were aware of our course change and new directive from command."

"Very well" Celina said and stood from her desk. Within seconds she was following Zane out the door toward the lift "how was your duty shift?" she asked.

Zane took a deep breath as he followed the Commander onto the lift. As if surviving duty shift wasn't enough now he was stuck following her until she dismissed him. Oh how he longed for his bunk. "It was good. First one. I'm not used to that duty but being a department head puts you in the rotation I suppose." He forced a smile and glanced toward the floor indicator on the lift.

"Are you now off duty?" Celina asked glancing over at Zane.

Zane smiled awkwardly, wondering what he was supposed to say in this situation. "Technically yes. But are we really ever *off*?" It came out a little quick, and once it did he was nervous that it was a little too casual. He swallowed a lump, cleared his throat and smiled again. "Ma'am."

With a slight smile on her face Celina looked over at Zane "no I guess not" she said and gestured for him to take the lift in front of her. It wasn't long until the ships Executive Officer and Communications Officer were exiting the turbo lift onto the bridge. "Thank you Mister Vossler" she gave a quick smile and nod as they started onto the bridge and Celina gave a nod to the Captain "sir".


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