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Posted on 31 May 2018 @ 4:53pm by Warrant Officer 1 Victor "Zane" Vossler & Captain Eugene Cavett

Mission: Mission 3: Sombra da Águia
Location: Bridge
Timeline: TUE 9 NOV 2160, 1303

The afternoon watch was an hour in and the ship was underway for an exploration mission until otherwise assigned. This was the very first time the ship would actually be off to explore the unknown, unassigned, as intended. Or at least so what Cavett thought. They weren't sure how long they'd be off on their mission but he knew as long as his good friend Seth Kern was in charge of Starfleet's Forward Operations that the Eagle would be called upon in times of need faster than it probably needed to be.

Cavett sat in his waiting room he was sending a note to Jenny the guilt of leaving her behind especially now with Elliot aboard the ship was in full swing. He was just finishing up from his lunch and looking to see what the rest of his day had planned for him.

Meanwhile, on the bridge the watchstander at communications looked up at his boss who was currently the officer of the deck, "Sir, incoming priority message from Starfleet Command," he announced.

Zane was standing near the viewer, hands clasped behind his back. He turned back toward the comms station and cursed internally. One rotation as OOD and of course something had to come up. “Put it on the overhead please.” The speakers on the bridge cracked to life.

"This is Lieutenant Keller at Starfleet Operations we have orders from Vice Admiral Kern to redirect you to the site of a damaged relay station, Echo 4. It has gone offline and we are unable to communicate with the colony located at Mineiros."

Zane’s interest piqued at the mention of a relay station that needed repair. “This is Warrant Officer Zane Vossler. I’ll have to page the Captain to officially accept Lieutenant.”

"We have dispatched the proper orders to the ship please have the Captain acknowledge via written communication to Operations," the Lieutenant ordered.

“Very well. Thank you, Lieutenant.” Zane nodded to the comms officer to cut the line. “Page the Captain’s ready room please. He’s needed on the bridge.”

Shortly thereafter the Captain appeared on the bridge, can of coke in his hand, he sipped it as he approached his Officer of the Deck.

"What's up Mr. Vossler?" he asked, swirling the can to gauge how much of the sweet nectar of life was left inside of it.

Zane turned to face the Captain and stiffened his posture. Being around the man always made him nervous. Actually, everything made him nervous when he got to thinking about it. But being around the Captain was especially nerve-racking. "Sir." He began, clearing his throat. "We just received word from Command that we are being redirected to investigate a damaged relay station - Echo 4. They've sent the orders over, they would like for you to respond in writing."

"Set course, full warp, Mr. Vossler," Cavett said. "I will respond from my office, inform the Executive Officer and Command Master Chief."

"Very well, thank you sir." Zane said, relieved that the Captain was walking away but inwardly cursing the fact that his OOD shift wasn't over yet. As the doors to the bridge closed behind Cavett, Zane looked toward the crewman sitting at the helm. "Helm, please set course for Echo 4, maximum warp."

"Set course for echo 4, maximum warp, aye sir." Then, after some vigorous tapping on the console before him, the crewman announced "Course laid in sir."

"Execute." Zane replied. Then, turning toward the comms station. "Get me the XO and the Master Chief please." After personally delivering the message to both parties, he strolled back to the center of the floor, eyeing the stars on the viewer as they whipped by out of sight. There was something about getting his hands dirty in the shop, working on problems that logic, reason and elbow grease could always solve. Being the first person to figure out how to make something work, or the first person to decode some strange new alien language. But he guessed this duty had its perks too.

Standing there on the bridge, with his hands behind his back and the entirety of the universe zooming by him on the viewer, he cracked a smile. He just wasn't ready to sit in the big chair. Yet.


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