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Morning Routines

Posted on 30 May 2018 @ 1:30pm by Petty Officer Second Class Katrina Patterson & Command Master Chief Elizabeth Alvey

Mission: Mission 3: Sombra da Águia
Location: CMC's Office
Timeline: 8 NOV 2160, Morning

"Good morning Master Chief," Katrina said, entering the office of the Command Master Chief. "I'm just gathering the morning message traffic for the Captain and I was wondering if you had anything for him or me?" she asked. While the Yeoman was technically assigned to primarily work for the Captain the other yeoman aboard was not nearly as efficient and so she helped out with the other members of the Command Staff as often as possible.

"Greetings, Yeoman Patterson," Liz said as she looked up from her PaDDs. She had a few reports that she needed to forward on to the Captain. She reached through her stack and passed them on. "Decide to be ahead of everyone else this morning?" Liz asked with a chuckle.

"I'm always first, Master Chief, it's my job," Katrina said, with a smile.

"Is there anything else I can do for you," Liz queried as she noticed Katrina slightly lingering longer than normal.

Katrina took the reports from the Master Chief and realized she'd overstayed her welcome. "Nothing else Master Chief, have a good day."

"Very well," Liz returned with a smile and then back to the other paperwork she went.


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