Alarm Malfunction

Posted on 04 Sep 2018 @ 6:30pm by Warrant Officer 1 Victor "Zane" Vossler & Commander Viorica Renna & Lieutenant William Gallagher & Lieutenant Commander Veznia MD & Crewman Ava Capatosta

Mission: Mission 3: Sombra da Águia
Location: Communications Shop
Timeline: 8 NOV 2160, 09:33

In the security control center of the ship, an alarm sounded coming from the Communications Shop that they needed a security team. While the ship was making preparations to get underway it didn't seem likely that there would be an incident that started at that particular location on the ship. The duty supervisor knew that there was a crewman assigned to security who was making rounds of the ship so they elected to call out them instead.

"Security to Capatosta respond to the Communications Shop and check on an alarm sounding."

"Copy that," Ava said, she stopped in her tracks as she thought about where that was. She remembered passing it on the last deck she patrolled so she turned around heading to an access tunnel for a ladder that would take her to the correct deck instead of using the lift.

A few minutes later she entered the communications shop her hand on her phase pistol which was still holstered.

Zane looked up from the errant probe he had nearly completely disassembled to see an attractive security officer with her hand on her hip. His heart leapt into his throat, and his hands went to the sky. When they did, the circuit he was holding open closed again, setting off the anti-tampering system that had already shocked him twice. An arc appeared and struck him in the chest, throwing him away from the table. Then, for the third time, the automatic safety alarm triggered in the room.

Ava let out a screech when she saw the man go down, "what the fuck?" she muttered to herself. She pulled her comm back out, "Captosta to Medical report to Communications at once for a medical emergency," she said, excitement in her voice. "Captosta to security we have a probe causing problems with the alarm system and an injured crew member please get in contact with someone from communications and engineering and have them respond as well."

The device seemed to have stopped but she was not sure if she should approach, "Security I'm attempting a rescue," she said, closing the comm and sticking it in her pocket. She moved forward and grabbed the injured man by his ankles and began to pull as hard as she could to get him to safety, it was slow moving for her.

Halfway across the deck, Zane's eyes opened and he focused first on the lights, then on the girl dragging him. He knew by the metallic taste in his mouth and the tingling in his chest that he had succeeded in shocking himself again. His anxiety ramped into overdrive as his mind worked out how to explain that he was basically being an idiot because he didn't take necessary precautions before opening the probe. "I'm sorry...I was working on this probe and the anti-tampering system kept malfunctioning. I should've disconnected it but I didn't..."

"It's fine... just lay still," Ava said, finished dragging him, and a bit out of breath. "Capatosta to Security where is my help?" she called over her comm.

William entered the room and looked at the non-rate. "Right here." He said, helping her move to the man out of the comms shop into the corridor. "I was in the neighborhood. Now, what's going on in there that it's setting off alarms."

"We need medical," Ava said. "He was working on that over there and it electrocuted him and that's what's been triggering the alarms." Ava rubbed the warrant officer's arm gently trying to keep him calm despite the fact he seemed more concerned about everything but himself.

The Security Chief checked the comm panel on the wall. "Meds enroute." He said turning back to the shocked comms officer. "What exactly were you working on?"

Viorica was on her way from the computer core to the upper engineering bay, toolbox in hand, when she heard the commotion from the comms shop—and then she saw Gallagher and a non-rate pull someone into the passageway. She jogged to the non-rate who was comforting a man sitting on the ground. "Everyone okay?" she asked, kneeling down.

"Something he was working on short circuited, set of the security alarms." The Lieutenant said, looking to the Chief Engineer, "Looks like the problem in there is more your department than mine." He said with a smirk.

Zane looked around, suddenly feeling as if he were shrinking into the floor. Now all of these people were converging on his space, interrupted from their duties because of his bullheaded actions. His anxiety melted most of the fogginess from the shock away, but now he could feel heat flooding his cheeks. "I'm sorry guys" he croaked, "I didn't mean to cause a fuss. It's a comms probe that was overheating. I didn't disable the tampering systems before making my repair and the circuit closed on me."

The engineer was already across the room with her tools. She pulled out a pair of safety gloves, pliers, and a hyperspanner and got to work on disabling the probe's malfunctioning system and repairing its circuitry. "Nothing like a shock to wake you up in the morning," Viorica murmured as she picked at the collection of wires. "Better than coffee."

"I'll stick with my americano." William muttered turning to wards the sound of heavy breathing coming down the corridor.

Panting as she entered, Veznia trundled into the Communications Shop. "Please state the nature of the medical emergency." She wheezed.

"He got shocked," Ava said, still rubbing his arm gently.

Zane looked up at Ava, pondering whether or not he should reveal to her that he was already feeling better. Despite the crushing weight of his anxiety, her hand on his arm was a warm and welcome feeling.

"Well stop touching him." Veznia pulled her Denobulan medical scanner from her med kit and set to work.

Ava blushed and removed her hand but stayed where she was next to him.

"How's it looking in there Commander?" The Armoury officer asked the Engineer who was still in the Comms shop.

With her spanner now held between her teeth, Viorica carefully reached into the probe's casing with a pair of pliers. "Al-ost there," she mumbled. She made a quick snip and a twist, then pulled her hands out and snapped shut the opening. The spanner dropped into her palm and she said, "Fixed."

Veznia, pushed her way closer to Zane. "Nothing too serious. " She smiled a wide Denobulan smile. She pulled a rather long stemmed plant from her kit and squeezed it vigorously , allowing a viscous gel like substance to push out of the stem. " This should take out the sting."

Zane eyed the concoction dripping out of the plant and suppressed the urge to wriggle.There's no need to worry about the sting, but if you have something for the sensation that my heart is going to explode that would be great. "Oh...there's really no need to have to worry with that...I- uh I feel better already." He shifted his weight just slightly, his eyes not leaving the slowly forming drip of liquid from the plant.

"It looks like everything is under control here." Gallagher said with a smirk towards the unnerved WO. "I'm headed to the bridge." He said with a nod to the two senior officers. "Capatosta remain here and assist as needed." He added to the non-rate.

"Aye sir," Ava said, standing back up and looking around to get her situational awareness back.

"Everything should be all set with your probe," Viorica said, clicking her toolbox shut then following Gallagher into the passageway. "Upper engineering is a few meters away, if you need to find me."

“Did someone need to be probed?” Veznia asked, as she packed her kit

Zane's eyes went wide, his skin visibly crawling. "No!" he squeaked, so quickly he couldn't catch himself. "I mean-" he cleared his throat, eyeing the pretty woman who still had her hand on his arm. "I mean. No, I think we're all here fine. Fine here." He eyed the woman again. Trying to pull himself together was like trying to herd wet cats.

"He needs to go to sickbay and get looked at, ma'am," Ava said, to the doctor.

Veznia closed her kit. “Can you walk or shall I carry you?”

Zane drug himself to his feet, deciding he couldn’t stay with the pretty arm-rubber forever. “I’ll walk” he croaked.