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Annual Physical

Posted on 20 May 2018 @ 4:54pm by Chief Warrant Officer 3 Richard Dennis & Lieutenant William Gallagher & Lieutenant Commander Veznia MD

Mission: Mission 3: Sombra da Águia
Location: SIckbay
Timeline: MON 8 NOV 2160, 10:30

Chief Dennis sat on the bed in the sickbay his feet swung uncomfortably a tall man not used to being able to do this. For some reason, the Corpsman before going off to summon the duty medical officer had raised the bed. He wondered if it was some sort of psychological test or to keep patients from escaping. Either way, he didn't like it and so he lowered the bed down so that his feet were firmly on the ground where they belonged. Anyone tall enough to have to look down at him from his position on the bed now was too tall he thought.

"Get back here!" Called Veznia as she stubbed into the space, chasing a small winged creature. She crashed into a tray and fell, but resiliently got up and continued her pursuit.

The Chief Warrant Officer stood in disbelief as he watched whatever was happening unfold before him. The Chief's head swiveled as he watched the doctor chase whatever that was around the sickbay in a circle. He was not sure if hew anted to offer his help or not he had no idea what that thing was.

“SEAL THE DOOR!” Veznia cried as she grabbed a beaker from the work table and continued her pursuit.

The Chief jumped into action and made his way to the hatch and he slammed the emergency seal button. The doors closed and sealed themselves which also sounded an alert on the bridge.

On the bridge, the Duty Officer contacted the security department, "Bridge to Weapons. Watch section respond to Sickbay and investigate an emergency door seal."

Master-at-Arm 2 Romanoff gave a quick response over the comm and gestured for a junior security crewman to join him as they raced out of the armory and towards sickbay.

"Now I got ya, you bloodsucker!" The Denobulan smirked and leaped at the bat. It continued it's flight away from her. "Don't just stand there, get it!" She called to the Chief.

"Not without shooting it," the Chief said, frankly.

"You will not!" Veznia said, aghast at the idea. " Do you realize how difficult it is to get your hands on a Pyrithian bat?"

"Obviously it's not easy keeping them in a cage either," he observed.

Romanoff keyed in the code to force the doors open. The two security non-coms entered sickbay weapons drawn. "What's going on." He said seeing the Chief Medical Officer chasing a small creature that promptly escaped through the now open doors.

"Now you've done it!" The Denobulan doctor cried, following the bat from the room.

The security corpsman ran after the chief medical officer. "Doctor there was a security alert, what is going on!" Romanoff yelled.

The MACO Chief Warrant Officer laughed as he watched the doctor follow the bat from the room. "Seems the doctor's pet got loose. It's some sort of weird bat looking thing, happy hunting."

Romanoff ran after the Chief Medical Officer, "Doctor, I thought you were supposed to keep this created caged."

Chief Dennis shook his head, "guess I'm not doing my physical today," he said, following them out though heading for his quarters not to assist.


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