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New Assignment

Posted on 29 Apr 2018 @ 9:06pm by Midshipman Second Class Elliot Cavett III & Lieutenant William Gallagher

Mission: Mission 3: Sombra da Águia
Location: LT Gallagher's Office
Timeline: MON 8 NOV 2160, 09:00

Elliot arrived outside of the office of the ship's Weapons Officer, LT Gallagher. He hit the button to alert the Lieutenant that he had a visitor outside and brushed off the front of his uniform self-conscious of lint or something else he missed on the third check of his uniform the day before. Elliot was excited but nervous to be moving to a new department having been in Engineering until now. He was, however, excited to be qualified as an Engineering Officer of the Watch and was looking forward to qualifying as Officer of the Deck during his next departmental rotation as well as getting a chance to fire a phaser or torpedo.

"Come." Gallagher said from inside the office where he was going over the most recent scores on the security teams range drills.

"Good morning sir, Midshipman Cavett reporting as ordered," he said, at a stiff attention.

"Relax midshipman." Gallagher said looking up from the report. He knew of the young officer-in-training, like most of the ship he knew him first as the Captain's son. "So you're up for your Weps rotations."

"Commander Renna informed me this morning that I am to report to you and join your department as for this morning," he said. "Though I was also told I will be assigned as Junior Officer of the Deck on Morning Watch," he said, excitedly. He was sure that the Lieutenant probably already knew this but his excitement had him blurting the information out. He finally relaxed his stance.

"I saw the memo, we're looking forward to having you with us." Gallagher said, "Anything specific in the department you're looking forward to?"

“The chance to get more involved on the bridge and in away missions,” he said, quickly.

"Good," Gallagher said and handed him a tablet. "Here's your duty schedule, you'll be on the bridge three times a week, including one shift with me. The rest of your time will be in the armory and security patrols."

He looked at the schedule he'd be busy with his morning shift as JOOD followed by his other duties. In engineering, it seemed to blend more his departmental duties and his watch standing. He looked up at the Weapons Officer and nodded, "got it sir."

"Good, are you qualified on our firearms?" Gallagher asked.

"Phase pistols but not rifles, sir," the Midshipman answered.

"Good, I want you qualified on all Starfleet standards before the end of your rotation. You may also want to log some practice hours on the heavier MACO weapons, they're different but we've found it prudent to have our people cross-trained. There's already a push to see some of them integrated into the standard Starfleet loadout. We seem to find more people who want to fight us the further we get from home." Gallagher replied.

"I'll check in with the MACO Detachment later today then, sir," he said, with a nod.

"Very good, if there's nothing else you're dismissed, midshipman." The Lieutenant said.

"Aye sir," Elliot said, coming to attention before heading back out.


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