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Celina Returns

Posted on 06 May 2018 @ 2:13pm by Commander Celina Chambers & Captain Eugene Cavett

Mission: Mission 3: Sombra da Águia
Timeline: MON 08 NOV 2160, 12:00

Commander Chambers had enjoyed her time on Earth and it was certainly nice to spend time with her daughter Jessica. While Celina would always be a doctor at heart she loved serving among the stars in the command department. As the Executive Officer of the Eagle placed the last of her personnel items in the small suite case the chime to her room rang and she turned to face the door and gave the standard "Come in".

Through the door bounced an overly excited Cadet Chambers with a PADD in her hand "Oh mom" she stretched out her arm to give Celina the PADD and excitedly suggested "read it mome, you have to read it".

Celina hadn't seen her daughter this excited in quite some time and while raising an eyebrow took the offered PADD and gave it a quick run through. Looking up from the PADD with a huge smile on her face the Commander hugged her daughter "Why didn't you tell me you applied?" she asked and then squeezed her daughter tighter. "Oh who cares, congratulations Jess".

"Thanks, I'm so excited" she paused for a second "not only to be following in your foot steps but granddad and nana's as well" she took the PADD back from her mom and with a pout look added "I just wish you could stay longer".

"So do I dear" she paused and made her way over to zip up her bag "but you'll be to busy at Starfleet Medical to worry about what your mom is doing" pulling her suitcase off the bed and extending the handle she gave her daughter a quick smile and started over toward her. "Besides your grandparents will be visiting soon" the Commander gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead "I have to get going, but you are going to do great Jess."

It wasn't long before the Commander found herself unpacking her small suitcase of clothing, a photo of her daughter, and a few other personnel items. This time she was unpacking and on the Eagle. She found herself missing Jess, but was thrilled to be getting back among the stars and on adventures with the crew. One of her first stops would be to check in with Captain Cavett.

Coming off the turbo lift and adjusting her uniform the Commander approached her CO's ready room and hit the chime, requesting permission to enter.

"Enter," Cavett said, he looked up to see who would enter. When he saw that it was Celina he rose from his chair and moved around the desk to meet her and shake hands. "Welcome back."

"Thank you, sir," Celina said taking the offered hand and shaking it. "To tell you the truth I was more than ready to return to the Eagle, I'm glad you are taking me back".

"Desk life wasn't doing anything for you?" he asked, motioning to the chair. He walked back around his desk to sit on his own.

As she took the seat Celina smiled and replied "Not exactly" crossing her legs and making eye contact with the Captain the woman finished "I'll be glad to be exploring again Captain".

"Well not much has changed around here," he explained. "I'm sure you'll find it mostly how you left it. We're going to be departing tomorrow for exploration. So I hope you're fast at packing."

"Already taken care of" she said with a smile. "I told you I was ready to be back and I wasn't kidding" she smiled wider "sir" she added quickly.

"Good, good," he said, with a nod. "Just one thing I think you should know as Executive Officer," he said, reluctantly.

"What is that?" Celina asked leaning slightly forward in her chair, this peaked her interest.

"Commander Renna and I are in a relationship together," he said. "She stays at my home on Earth though we have been keeping things quiet on the ship. The Master Chief knows as well," he told her.

The XO smiled and moved her hand across her face in a motion simulating zipping her mouth shut "My lips are sealed, Captain."

"Appreciate it," Gene said. "I'm sure you'd like a chance to get acquainted with the mission and the department heads. I don't want to keep you we can meet up tomorrow after we get underway and chat with any concerns you might have. Of course if it's urgent get with me quicker... I promised my daughter a night out tonight just the two of us so I'd like it done sooner than later."

With a nod Celina replied "I look forward to getting up to date and underway".

"Alright well why don't you get to it then," he said, standing. "Welcome back."

Standing the XO smiled “thank you sir” Celina said before making an exit to get to her duties.


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