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Posted on 11 Jun 2018 @ 1:53pm by Midshipman Second Class Elliot Cavett III & Petty Officer Third Class Rebecca Ó hÉalaighthe

Mission: Mission 3: Sombra da Águia
Location: Passageway
Timeline: 08 NOV 2160, 13:03

With a new rank on her collar and a skip in her step, Rebecca Ó hÉalaighthe searched high and low on the Eagle to find her secret boyfriend. They had been separated ever since she left for A-School with then ship returned to Earth from its mission with the Paraaganese. She was anxious to finally see his sweet face in person and kiss his perfect lips.

Just as she was about to give up and ask someone if they'd seen Elliot, she saw him turn the corner of the passageway. Her face lit up.

Elliot was just as excited to see her when he realized it was her. He took a quick survey of the passageway to see if anyone was around and rushed to her pulling her into a tight hug.

Rebecca suddenly felt very warm as his arms wrapped around her and a little sigh escaped her lips. "I've missed you so much," she murmured. And he smelled so good. Did he always smell this good?

"I missed you too," he said, keeping her pressed against him.

"Yeah?" She looked up at him, wondering if it was really true—and she could tell that it was.

"How could I not?" he asked.

"Oh, well... There's just so much happening for you, and I'm just little me," she teased him.

"You don't think that you're not one of those things happening for me?" he asked, his head tilting slightly.

Her heart fluttered. "You're one smooth talker, midshipman..."

"Dad would say it's all in the Cavett blood," he chuckled.

With a grin, she asked, "Oh, and is he still smooth talking pretty blonde engineers?"

"She lives with us..." he whispered.

Rebecca couldn't decide whether to drop her jaw or grin from ear to ear. She settled on the latter. "In the same room?" she whispered back.

"Yeah," he said, nodding. "Since before the Paraagan mission."

"I thought that was just temporary. Why... Isn't she married? To an ambassador? I heard that she was married to an ambassador and that they were based in Paris," she blabbed, spilling the gossip she knew. She was both scandalized and tantalized by the entire situation. "Do you think she and your da' are in love? Is it a love affair?"

"He's missing," he told her. "Plus they... they were estranged before that," he said. "I think they'll be together officially before long," he said, meaning marriage.

"Wow..." Rebecca was a little carried away and breathless. A few years prior, these two people would never have met were it not for the warp drive and a handful of explorers happening on each other in the middle of space. It was terribly romantic. "Well, who can resist a Cavett man?"

"Not you," he smirked.

"Absolutely not," she said, pulling him tightly against her again. As she was about to go up on tip-toes to give Elliot a kiss, Rebecca heard footsteps in the passageway. Quickly, her arms dropped and she took a step back.

"Congratulations on your promotion again, FS3."

"Thank you, Midshipman." She smiled at him, and the source of the footsteps came strolling around the corner. "I'll see you around the ship!"


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