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Family time

Posted on 10 Feb 2018 @ 2:39am by Commander Celina Chambers

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill

Commander Celina Chambers was so proud that her daughter was following in her foot steps and was a cadet. While the Commander was on Earth, attending and speaking at a medical conference her daughter happened to have some time off from her studies and then was granted an additional few days with her mother as part of her medical training. Luckily it was about time for Cadet Jessica Chambers to step up to some actual experience and would be assigned for a tour on a vessel.

Celina planned to send her Commanding Officer a communique and request permission for the Cadet to take her first tour aboard the Eagle. If he denied her request she would understand, but wanted to get approval from her direct superior before requesting permission from Starfleet Academy.

"Come on mom I'm hungry" Jessica tugged on her mothers arm.

"Calm down honey" I've got a surprise for you at lunch. The Command said with a smile and stood up "alright young lady let's have lunch" there were several restaurant near by or they could eat at the hotels restaurant.

"Let's just eat here, I haven't finished packing yet" the young Chambers said with a pouty look.

Shaking her head, Celina agreed "You are gonna have to learn to be more prepared if you are going to serve aboard a starship Cadet Chambers". Celina was more or less teasing with her daughter, but it wasn't a lie.

"I understand mother" the young woman said dragging her mother by the arm out the door and as quickly as possible to the elevator. What felt like seconds later the lift stopped and the ladies stepped out into a large cafeteria setting, with several replicators that could be used. There were even a few fresh made stations where the chef prepared a few fresh meals of the day. That was usually where the Chambers ate their meals when they had cafeteria food.

"So we are almost ready for field training mom" Jessica said as they made their way to a station serving a pasta dish or a veggie pizza. The excited cadet grabbed a piece of the pizza, that was pre-sliced and on plates. Jess turned up her nose at her mothers pasta choice, but she figured she wouldn't get a fresh cooked meal for a bit so she didn't giver her any sas.

As the two took their seats the Commander smiled "I sent Captain Cavett a request, asking permission" she took a bite of the seafood in her pasta and chewed it.

"Mom, what" the young cadet said excitedly.

Swallowing and taking a sip of her drink the Commander shot her daughter another smile "I've asked if he would grant permission to have your first tour aboard the Eagle".

"Mom that would be awesome" Jessica almost bounced out of her seat.

Celina lifted a hand and tilted her head slightly "calm down Jess, I'm not sure he can or even will approve the request" taking another sip of her water she continued "we will just have to wait and see".


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