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Medical meeting

Posted on 19 Jan 2018 @ 10:59am by Commander Celina Chambers

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill

Commander Chambers had been away from the Eagle for a little bit. She was serving as a speaker and researcher at one of the fleet's medical seminars. Her experience and training was as a medical doctor and she had served in that role aboard a few assignments. At this time some of the fleet's brightest science and medical personnel were working closely with Andorian and Vissian counterparts working to advance each species medical science.

The Vissian people were the hosts of the medical conference and had been gracious hosts. The Commander brought presents of various types of cheeses to the conference in order to show good will. Her mother also taught her that if someone was hosting you, you should show up with a gifts and over the weeks Celina was stationed with the Vissians and Andorians she delivered several.

Celina found herself quite impressed with the Vissian technology she had been exposed to and was allowed to make as many notes as she wanted. Between the three research teams much information was gathered that would be submitted to command and reviewed by the brightest minds in order to make advances in technology.

The quarters she had been supplied were more than adequate, but the Commander was more than ready to get back to her crew and the ship she had come to call home. She actually hadn't been aboard the Eagle long when she was pulled away to lead the teams to the Vissian home world. She was honored, but there was a reason that she decided to go into the command field. She liked the exploration and chance to help the people of Earth and meet new people as the crew explored the stars.

The team the Commander was working directly with was the last to depart. Her transport would meet up with her ship and then make their way to Earth to deliver the information and research team.

Commander Celina Chambers
Executive Officer


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