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Relays and Goodwill

Posted on 13 Mar 2018 @ 4:49pm by Warrant Officer 1 Victor "Zane" Vossler & Captain Eugene Cavett & Ambassador Tol Sa'id

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill
Location: A Deck, CO’s Office

“Ambassador,” Cavett said, pleasantly even if it bothered him. “I’d like you to meet Mr. Vossler, my communications officer. Unfortunately due circumstances he was unable to join the welcoming party but he’s the man we need to plan for this prospective relay,” he explained.

The two men were standing in the center of his small office awaiting her arrival. He motioned from the ambassador to the communications officer.

Zane took a cursory glance at the ambassador, not wanting to break any etiquette rules that he might not be aware of. Instead, he focused on his own outstretched hand, which seemed to tremble just slightly despite his intense efforts to appear calm and collected in front of the Captain. This job, this posting, was supposed to have him working on complex new relays, deciphering codes and inventing procedures, not trying to be diplomatic and personable. Being personable was his greatest downfall. Sweat was forming under his arms and on his brow, but he tried to appear cool and calm.

"Zane Vossler. It's my pleasure to welcome you aboard and work with you-" A knot that had formed in his throat worked its way up and lodged somewhere near his windpipe, causing him to choke on apparently nothing at all "-on this project." He cleared his throat, desperately trying to clear the imaginary obstruction.

In an effort at kindness, Tol Sa'id ignored the man's gulping choke. "I am pleased to meet you, Zane Vossler," she said, taking his hand in a short handshake. "I hope you are feeling well?"

Zane dropped his hand quickly. "I'm fine, thank you. Just recovering from a sickness." He motioned toward the small conference table. "Shall we discuss this relay?" He cleared his throat again, his eyes darting to the Captain as he suddenly worried he'd overstepped.

The Captain nodded for Zane to take the lead this was his area of expertise.

"Please," Tol replied, taking a seat at the table. She made a mental note to have a medical scan before returning to her planet. Whatever illness this man had, she didn't know if he was contagious. Better to err on the side of safety.

Zane took a seat at the table and logged in to the console located there, accessing the schematics for the relay. A display came to life on the wall beside them, showing the United Earth logo until Zane could locate the relay file. Once he found it, the schematic faded into view on the display for all to see. "Ambassador, this is a representation of the relay my team is working on. We're excited about the possibilities this affords Starfleet as well as your planet." Zane tapped some buttons on the console and the schematic began to morph into a rendering of the relay, turning about so that all sides could be seen. "Although at its surface this appears to be a standard class 6 relay, I have my team hard at work on modifying this unit to better integrate with your planet's systems. Or, at least with the specifications that the delegation provided."

Gesturing with her hands as she spoke, Tol said, "Let's rewind a second. What is a 'standard class six relay' and what sort of integration will it have with Paraagan?"

Zane met eyes with the Captain briefly, then cleared his throat. "Well as you know, communication relays can be used to transmit data on a variety of spectrum, including subspace. This particular array would be used by Starfleet to integrate with our larger communications network, but is also accessible by your communications grid and could provide an instant connection to Paraagan II, on a separate and secure frequency. This could be used for scientific and military purposes, of course, or anything of your choosing. As we are constantly striving to improve our deep space communications network, this would provide you access to a growing commune spreading across multiple systems - should you choose to access it."

"Earth is committed to working with its allies and working together to explore new areas of space and discover new technology," Gene chimed in. "We would be very happy to have the Paaragan on board with us."

The ambassador nodded, but she asked, "And what about other worlds? The Vulcans, who withdrew from Earth relations and suddenly went silent, or the Klingons? Is your communication network secure from those who might seek to exploit it?"

"Rest assured -" Zane began, his voice studying. "We have taken great precaution to secure our network against parties that are not part of the commune. There are authentication protocols in place that are rigorously encrypted and continuously tested for flaws. We use this network to coordinate our fleet, so you are being afforded the same level of security that we are." Zane eyed the Captain again, hoping he hadn't said too much. The man was hard to read, stern and seemingly apathetic.

Tol S'aid pondered the man's words for a very long moment before deciding that the benefits to Paraagan outweighed potential drawbacks. "All right," she finally said. "Let's do it, then."

“Fantastic,” Gene spoke up. “Mr. Vossler I appreciate your time. If you’d like to make preparations with your department for placement.”

"Absolutely." Vossler stood, awkwardly. He was so excited to have an exit that he nearly knocked over the chair. "Ambassador, Captain, thank you for your time." He nodded to both parties and made a beeline for the door, happy to have the meeting behind him and work ahead of him.


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