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All Better!

Posted on 25 Jan 2018 @ 7:37pm by Chief Petty Officer Jenna Wozniak & Lieutenant Commander Veznia MD & Warrant Officer 1 Victor "Zane" Vossler

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill
Location: Eagle, Sickbay

Following what Veznia would describe as a rather dry Human 'party', the Denobulan doctor made her way back to the Med Bay.

She smiled widely at everyone she passed before pressing the entry pad at the door to her second home.

Spotting the Corpsman, Vez crossed to her. "Jenna, how is everything?"

"Everything is going rather well, ma'am," her Chief reported, happily. "I just returned from Mr. Vossler's quarters and I think he can be cleared for duty once you see him. I know he's looking for the soonest possible appointment."

Veznia inhaled deeply, allowing her face and neck to puff up slightly. She placed her hands on her hips and looked towards the door. "Shall we?"

"Oh, well sure," she said. "I'll call him to the Sickbay," she said, moving toward the Corpsman's station within the sickbay. She tapped a comm button and the shipwide address system activated. "Warrant Officer Vossler your presence is requested in the sickbay."

Zane, lost in thought in his quarters, leaned back from his computer terminal in puzzlement. He hadn’t expected the Chief to work him in so quickly, despite his begging. Thinking of that, and of her invitation to the goat locker, he smiled inwardly.

Standing quickly, zipping his uniform to his chest and sliding his arms in, he double checked the ship’s layout and made his way to sickbay.

He walked in, noticing the chief from before and a few other corpsmen, then folded his hands behind his back. “Zane Vossler, reporting as ordered.”

Veznia had busied herself with a rather interesting Earth magazine. She looked up to see the visitor. "Mr. Vossler, why don't you take a seat. " The Denobulan smiled wide.

Zane turned, spotting a bed. He stepped over and slid onto it, feeling immediately uncomfortable despite the constant care he was under before. At least then he was in the comfort of his own room.

Veznia smiled a wide Denobulan smile at the man. She moved next to the bed and looked around a moment. "Jenna! Care to assist?" The Doctor called across the Medical Bay.

Jenna looked up from the console she was looking at and in the direction of the doctor's voice. "Coming," she called. The HSC secured her console and made her way quickly to the biobed where Mr. Vossler was present.

"Hello, again, Mr. Vossler," Jenna said, with a small but pleasant smile. "What can I help you with ma'am?" she asked, looking to the doctor.

"Hello" Zane replied hesitantly. His chest tightened, a flash of warmth suddenly spreading through his veins.

"You've been attending to Mr. Vossler, I was hoping you might talk me through his care while I start my scans?" Veznia took her Denobulan medical scanner and began to pass it along the man's right side.

"We've been following the antibiotic and steroid treatments per protocol as well as comfort care for any symptoms and pain. Mr. Vossler turned out to deal with the illness better than expected or at least was really good at hiding how difficult it was for him. He's been symptom-free for the last few days and anxious to get back to work. Per the Starfleet Medical protocol for this illness, today would be the earliest he can be returned to full duty."

Zane's eyes flicked back and forth between the two. He tried his hardest not to spend too much time on Jenna, whose effects on him were worsening by the second. "Yes..I'm very ready to get back to duty as soon as possible. If....possible. Sir."

"He's very anxious," she said, leaning slightly on the biobed, closer to him.

Zane's eyes darted between them again. She was getting closer, leaning on the bed, and all sorts of alarms were going off in his head. His chest tightened, his palms went slick with sweat, and his cheeks flushed. This was it, unfortunately, his reaction to attractive women. It was debilitating and frantic, a very real sense of the walls coming in to meet him.

Jenna noticed his reaction and a concerned look grew on his face, "are you okay, Mr. Vossler?"

“I’m goIne.” He paused for a moment, realizing that two words came out at once. “Good. And...fine.” He looked at her and attempted a smile. “Just uh...a little nervous. About...” he scrambled. “You know, whether I’m going to get put on duty or not.”

Jenna just started at the man for a second and then looked up at her boss.

Veznia studied her scanner readouts with a smile while watching the pair from her periphery. "Besides elevated heart rate levels and the rather intense pheromones you're excreting, I'd say you're clear to return to full duty." The Doctor looked between the two. " Can I do anything else for you Mister Vossler?"

Pheromones? Jenna thought to herself.

Zane looked to the Doctor, eyes wide with horror. He scoffed, then covered it by clearing his throat. “Well surely the illness is causing a lasting reaction or...something”

He stood, quickly, and smoothed his uniform. “Anyway, does that mean that I’m cleared?” He wanted, desperately, to distract attention from that statement.

"it shouldn't cause a lasting effect but maybe we should schedule a follow up in a couple days," Jenna said. "You can make that appointment with the MSA but you're cleared for duty," she told him.

"Thank goodness" Zane blurted. "Well, thanks for your time everyone." With that he scurried away, checking over his shoulder once more before he reached the hatch and running into a cart of instruments in the process. The cart shook and instruments clanged to the deck. Zane began to collect them, then paused. "I don't want anything. I'll just - " he pointed toward the door "be on my way." And with that he escaped out of the hatch, making a b-line for his quarters.

Jenna looked to her boss with a 'what the hell' expression.

Veznia smiled, just another example of human behavior .


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