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House Call

Posted on 11 Dec 2017 @ 12:05am by Chief Petty Officer Jenna Wozniak & Warrant Officer 1 Victor "Zane" Vossler

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill
Location: Eagle, WO1 Vossler's Quarters

Jenna reached the quarters of the Ship's Communications Officer, WO1 Vossler. Vossler had been ill since arriving aboard the ship and ended up being placed Sick in Quarters though according to the doc he should no longer be contagious. Jenna decided that she'd pay the Warrant Officer a visit and see if there was anything that he needed. She'd also schedule an appointment for him to see Dr. Veznia the following morning.

She pressed the chime on the door panel and waited patiently.

Zane sat at his desk, reading through the specs for the new subspace relay the team was working on when the chime sounded in his room. His uniform was zipped only to the waist, revealing the grey PT shirt underneath. He glanced toward the door with brow furrowed. He had already seen the corpsman today, and that was the only person that ever visited his room. Well, the corpsman and food service. But it was the wrong time for a meal.

“Come in,” he said, inquisitively.

Hearing the invitation to enter she pressed the open button on the keypad and then entered his quarters. She stopped just inside the doorway it was interesting that she found him in his uniform.

"Hello Sir," she said, pleasantly after a moment of hesitation.

"Afternoon Chief. What brings you this way? I think I already gave vitals once today..." He was hoping against hope that today was the day he would be cleared. He noticed that the corpsman this morning didn't wear the contamination getup inside his room, and the filters had already been removed from his ECS grates.

"Well you are no longer contagious and so I wanted to come check in and see how you were doing," she explained, pleasantly. "How are you feeling?"

Vossler leaned back from the desk, his computer terminal automatically locking and displaying the Eagle's crest as he did so. "I feel good. I have this dry cough every so often, but it's nothing that's going to keep me down. I'm ready to get out of this room and get some work done."

"Well I might be able to let you out of your room but you can't return to duty until the Doc gets a chance to look at you. I am going to arrange an appointment with her for you but with the delegation aboard I'm afraid it may have to wait until later or tomorrow," she explained.

Zane sighed, audibly. He started to speak, thought better of it and crossed his arms in another sigh instead. “I would really, really like to be able to meet with my team tomorrow. I have yet to even step foot in the shop.”

"I'll give a good word to the doctor but that's not really my call," she said. "I'm sure you must be frustrated but it's for everyone's safety and I'm sure you can appreciate that, right?"

“Of course.” He forced a smile. “Of course I can. These walls are just sort of...shrinking. You know?”

“Well like I said you’re free to leave your quarters just no work until you see the doctor. If you’d like to join me in the Goat Locker I would be happy to keep you company for a bit. The Ward Room is occupied,” she explained not sure if he was even up on the mission happenings.

Zane's mind raced. Go to the goat locker? With her? What would he say? How would he say it? His history with attractive females was pretty thin. There were probably other Chiefs in there too. Talking about engineering and conduits and power relays. What would he have to add? His chest tightened as anxiety seized him around the middle. "I- uh- I appreciate the offer. I think I might just-" his eyes wandered. "I might just go for a walk. You know. Get the lay..of..the land. That sort of thing."

Jenna couldn't help but stare at the Warrant Officer having his little episode in front of her. It wasn't long but it was noticable. She forced a little smile, "sure," she said. "If you need anything don't hesitate to call me or come by sickbay."

Go with her you idiot! His conscience was pulling him one way, and his constricting old friend social anxiety was pulling him the other. "I'll do that." Now. I'll do that now! "Thanks for stopping by." What are you doing?! Don't let her go! Zane shook his head as if it would clear the nagging voice. Then he turned, awkwardly, to the computer.

"Of course sir," she said, departing his quarters. When she got outside she smirked as she wondered about his apparent social anxieties. She looked at her watch and wondered if the Doctor was still in the first contact meeting or not. Her next stop would be the sickbay she'd at least leave the doctor a note to contact her when she could.


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