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The Official First Contact

Posted on 07 Dec 2017 @ 9:53pm by Commander Viorica Renna & Petty Officer Third Class Rebecca Ó hÉalaighthe & Ambassador Tol Sa'id & Captain Eugene Cavett & Command Master Chief Elizabeth Alvey & Lieutenant Tsuki Mikazidake & Lieutenant William Gallagher & Lieutenant Commander Veznia MD & Lieutenant Junior Grade Trenton Warwick Jr & Captain Lucas Bishop & Lieutenant Lyssa Eyri & First Lieutenant Dallee Tayvore & Ketol Eror
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Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill
Location: B Deck, Wardroom
Timeline: SUN 3 AUG 2160, 11:15

"Allow me to introduce the rest of my Senior Staff," Cavett said, as he led the party into the Wardroom. The Eagle Senior Staff were all seated along the center of the table that had been moved into the wardroom for the even with the other furniture removed to give space. The center chair of each side was meant for the Captain and Ambassador the senior staff filled in based on relevance to the event and seniority. As the Captain entered the entire room came to attention including the lone steward who would be responsible for keeping everyone comfortable and well hydrated.

"First we have my Executive Officer, Commander Odegaard." When the XO gave a slight bow to the Ambassador but said nothing else Cavett looked toward the next officer to the XO's right, "Commander Renna my Chief Engineer," he said, though a slight hint of pride in his voice seemed to give away more.

Viorica smiled in greeting the Paraagan delegation. "Welcome aboard," she said cheerfully.

The ambassador eyed the woman, admiring her height. "You're not of Earth," she observed.

"No, ambassador," Viorica replied, "I'm Vissian. My world made contact with humans seven years ago."

Tol raised her brows and asked, "The same humans our colony made contact with?"

A hot flush of red washed across Viorica's cheeks. "Y- yes," she stammered, "I believe that's correct..."

"Yes, that is correct," Cavett said, flatly. Of course, it also resulted in a suicide and the loss of a member of the Senior Staff's commission. That wasn't the greatest example... "We also have a Denobulan medical officer as part of our crew, unfortunately, she is busy in sickbay and unable to attend at the moment."

As the introductions were moving onward a member of the security department entered and handed Becky a stack of name placards for the table. They were already present for the Ambassador and for the Eagle Senior Staff but the others were created when the Ambassador introduced the delegation members at the airlock.

Not one to panic at a change in seating arrangements, Rebecca worked swiftly in the background to add the additional place settings and nameplates to the table. She did dart in and out of the wardroom a few times for additional seating, but in the end, it wasn't a tight squeeze to give everyone a spot.

"I'd also like to introduce my Operations Officer, Lieutenant Mikazidakie, and our MACO Commander, Captain Bishop," he said motioning to both.

"Pleased to meet you." Tsuki gave them a bit of a formal bow, but remained standing as the delegation entered.

The ambassador acknowledged the man's bow, but she glanced at Cavett and inquired, "What is a may-co?"

"MACOs serve as the military of Earth," Bishop said, "A small contingent are assigned to Starfleet ships that operate in potentially hostile environments, ma'am."

William stood awkwardly in the corner, wanting very much the whole ordeal to be done. His eyes drifted over the delegation again, glad he was slightly removed from the current diplomatic affair.

"Would everyone please take their seats?" Cavett motioned.

The Paraagan delegation took their places behind their nameplates, looking across the table at the Eagle staff. Upon sitting, Tol took a long sip from the glass of ice water in front of her. No sooner had she set the glass down, Becky appeared at her side with a pitcher to refill it. The ambassador furrowed her brow as she watched the girl dart from seat to seat, making sure everyone was adequately hydrated.

"You keep young girls as servants?" she asked in a disapproving tone.

Viorica jumped on this query as she pulled out her own chair. "Not at all! Crewman Ó hÉalaighthe is a steward and training in the food services division."

"That's right, ma'am," Rebecca spoke up, facing the ambassador. "I'm going to be a chef."

Elizabeth had taken up her own seat just moments before the exchange between the Crewman and the Ambassador. Her eyes watched the Ambassador and her delegation for the rest of their reactions.

Will was glad to be near the end of the table, sitting next to the MACO commander with no one directly across from them. "I don't know about you Captain but I'll be glad when this is over." He said quietly to the MACO. The blond smirked and nodded as the first course was set in front of them on the table.

Trent sat down in his "assigned place" and readied his recorder. He resisted his urge to freak sth the new discoveries. "Keep it together, Trent."

Cavett sat in his chair and glanced at his Executive Officer and then turned to glance at V thankful for her immediate speaking up. He then made eye contact with LTJG Warwick making sure that he was prepared to take his notes recording the event.

Trent nodded to his CO, signifying he was good to go

Tsuki remained politely attentive, as nothing yet said is something he would need to jump on, and he's not the .. most diplomatically trained person.

From down the table, Viorica gave Gene a reassuring smile that said, Everything will be fine, and I will smother you with affection later.

Feeling that Warwick was ready to go he looked back toward the Ambassador, "On behalf of the United Earth Government and Starfleet I would like to welcome you aboard my ship Eagle. I am very happy to have the honor of making the first official contact with your species. Unfortunately, due to the horrible acts of another species, our first attempts at making contact were ended tragically. I would like to take a moment to remember those who perished at the Paraagan two colony before we continue," he said, sitting forward and bowing his head momentarily.

After a moment of silence he looked back up, "I hope that we can put the past behind us and work diligently together to forge a new relationship between both of our people. Before we continue is there anything that can be provided to make you more comfortable? We have an assortment of drinks and snacks available already on the table thanks to the Food Services division."

Eyri sat quietly on her side of the table, her eyes scanning the group across from them. She wanted to go back to their ship, She took the water glass in front of her a sipped it, and pulled out a handheld computer device to take notes during the meeting.

"What are the food items?" asked the ambassador.

Before Tol could reach for the platter, the steward girl plopped a small plate with assorted items in front of her. They were colorful and bizarre pieces of... something. "Starting from the top and going clockwise, they are mushroom tartlets, tuna and salmon sashimi with daikon, accta cassava fritters, roasted red pepper hummus on crostini with cucumber, and various raw vegetables," the girl said with a chipper lilt in her voice. "And, um... apple slices."

"Thank you," Tol replied, prodding a tree-like green vegetable with her fingertip.

Cavett didn't feel much like a snack but really wanted a drink though not the kind that would be appropriate for such a meeting. He had a feeling he would be making time for such a drink later when their new friends departed.

"So Ambassador," he said, trying to come up with something to say. He admittedly felt underprepared for this meeting now that it was actually happening. "What is your greatest priority for first contact with new species?" he asked, wondering if they were on the same page with intentions.

Biting back the urge to make a comment about Paraagan II, instead Tol said, "The exchange and sharing of knowledge. The galaxy is a large place, and there are places your people have explored that we have not and vice versa. The same might be said for certain advances in science and technology."

Cavett nodded, they had similar feelings on the goal of making first contact of course sans the incident with Paraagan II which was clearly not Earth's fault. "Do you have any goals in specific to Earth? Was there technology or information you were made aware of that you're interested in?" he asked. He wasn't sure if it was the best question but due to their history and the obvious disinterest in the Ambassador's desire to make contact with them perhaps there was an ulterior motive.

There was a bit of a commotion outside the Wardroom door. It sounded as if someone was throwing their body against the door. After several thuds, finally the door hissed open. Veznia stood in the doorway panting slightly. " Damn door wouldn't open." She said with a slight look of concern.

Cavett bit his lip and after a breath he announce calmly, "My Senior Medical Officer, Dr. Veznia."

From her seat opposite Tayvore, Viorica grinned at Vez as she appeared. It had been a long while since she'd been able to spend much time with her "alien comrade," sharing obscure tidbits they'd observed of their human crewmates.

Ambassador Tol's eyebrows had raised quite far on her high forehead as she observed the Doctor's entrance. She recognized the woman as a Denobulan and had heard of the species' tendency toward flamboyance. Regardless of how loud or clumsy the introduction, it became clear to Tol that this captain had surrounded himself with a number of impressive women. She approved of this.

"Doctor," she greeted Veznia with a polite nod. "Please join us. To answer your question, Captain," Tol continued, "we have no specific intentions toward Earth. We only seek to smooth over relations with a growing power in the quadrant."

"Earth's intentions are not to expand, I assure you, we are looking to make new friends and discoveries for our government. Actually one of the things I was hoping to accomplish while we were in the general area, with your permission, was to launch a communications relay. We'd be happy to allow your use of it as well and it would even make communication between our two governments easier."

Tsuki had been aware of this, since it'd involve liasoning with his department and Engineering. Also, he was hoping that they would agree with the proposal.

After a silent moment, the Paragaan asked, "What are the proposed location and specifications of the relay station?"

"The location has yet to be determined I was planning on asking for the advice of your government. It can be placed within Paraagan space or outside of it but I'd like it to be in a place where our governments could both benefit from its use. The specifications I'd honestly have to get them pulled up unless Commander Renna or Lieutenant Mick-kazi-da-key happen to know off hand?" he asked, glancing toward both officers.

"I have the specifications on hand. It's a subspace relay, type 6. It's about the size of a small satellite, nine or so meters tall. The proposed relay station would be Echo Eighteen and would tie into the general relay network. You would have access to it and be able to speak to any species using the network." Tsuki volunteered. "We can get you exact specifications after this meeting, Ambassador."

"I'm sure that once we break up here that we can get you the specifications. We can have you chat directly with someone from our Communications Department," Cavett added.

"I would be amenable to that," she replied, her expression neutral.

"Why don't we break down the formalities give everyone a chance to chat and then we can have Commander Renna and our Operations Officer here give you all a tour of the ship?" Cavett offered.

Tol glanced to her compatriots on either side of her and then nodded. "Let's do that, then." She stood and folded her hands at waist level.

Cavett stood as well bringing his entire delegation to attention, "it was a pleasure making this first contact with you," Gene said, extending his hand to shake the Ambassador's across the table.


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