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At the Airlock

Posted on 05 Nov 2017 @ 8:38pm by Captain Eugene Cavett & Petty Officer Second Class Katrina Patterson & Chief Petty Officer Bose Gabor & First Lieutenant Dallee Tayvore & Command Master Chief Elizabeth Alvey & Lieutenant William Gallagher & Lieutenant Junior Grade Trenton Warwick Jr & Ambassador Tol Sa'id & Lieutenant Lyssa Eyri

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill
Location: Eagle NX-12, Airlock
Timeline: SUN 3 AUG 2160, 11:12

"Very well," Cavett said, closing his comm and slipping it into his pocket. He turned to the small group of Eagle representatives waiting near the airlock that the Paraagans were going to be docking with. Senior Chief Cooper had assumed the role of Officer of the Deck in order to free up all of the Department Heads for the official greeting that was being prepared in the wardroom. They had also just given the shuttle clearance to approach and to dock and were now just waiting for the time for the airlock to be opened to come.

"And so the wait continues," he joked, with those present.

"Captain everything is prepared in the wardroom," YN2 Patterson said, approaching the group. She gave a little nod to the rest of the group assembled and then moved over to stand next to the CMC. She smiled at Liz "morning Master Chief."

"Morning," Elizabeth said as she kept her eyes resting on the airlock. She was glad Patterson had delivered the update, but she was a bit focused on the next steps.

Trent walked in, pockets stuffed with recorders and scanners galore. With a situation like this he couldn't respond with his usual enthusiasm, outwardly. Inside however, he as giddy as a first year cadet. "Captain, Master Chief." he said in greeting.

Elizabeth just returned the greeting with a nod.

Aboard the Paraagan shuttle, the pilot who had arrived late was bringing them alongside the Earth vessel. "It is an interesting design," he commented to Dallee.

"Yes," she said, gazing through the windows of the shuttle. "Begin docking procedure," she ordered. While she was not the most senior member of the delegation by any means her position gave her command of the military detail assigned to the Ambassador and therefore the shuttle was her domain as well.

A single smooth attempt was all it took for the pilot to expertly line up the shuttle doors with the airlock, "attempting to make capture," he announced, mostly out of habit. Thankfully the airlocks of both the ship and the shuttle were compatible and on both the inside Eagle door and inside shuttle door indicators lit up showing it was safe to open. "We have capture and we may open the shuttle doors on your command Ambassador," the pilot announced.

Dallee got up from her seat and made her way to the door pulling a scanner from inside the pocket of her class A uniform.

Smoothing down her formal garment one last time, Tol nodded to Tayvore and said, "Yes, I'm ready. Open the doors."

Chief Gabor approached the airlock and checked the panel ensuring that the capture was complete and that there were no leaks or dangers. He tapped a few buttons into the small panel on the airlock and then turned to face the captain. "Sir capture is complete it is safe to open the doors. The sensors are also active and will be scanning for any weapons," the Chief turned his gaze to Lieutenant Gallagher for a moment.

"Very well Chief," Cavett responded, turning to look at his Weapons Officer as well. "I'll allow sidearms if they brought them but nothing crazy," he said.

"Sir, I'm not comfortable with them carrying weapons," Gallagher said, he knew the objection would be overruled but he felt required to say it.

"Noted. Alright, Chief open the doors and let our visitors join us," Cavett said.

"Aye sir," Gabor responded and pulled a lever down which released the airlock doors which opened with a loud swoosh. With the pull of another lever, the outside doors of the airlock swooshed open as well leaving the door to the shuttle visible which was still closed. Gabor stood by to close the airlock in an emergency if needed.

With the initial Eagle group lined along the bulkhead, Cavett took a step closer to the airlock and stood in front of them waiting for the first of the Paraagan delegation to board the vessel. He was about to make comment about sending them an invitation when the shuttle's airlock door opened and moments later Dallee Tayvoore was the first off, obviously with a scanner, she checked over the humans noting that some of them were carrying sidearms but they were holstered and not concealed like their own.

As the Paraagan officer entered the airlock a small alarm began to beep on the panel of the airlock it was the sensors it had detected Dallee's concealed sidearm. She, however, was unaware that the alarm had sounded and turned to face the shuttle bringing her wrist to her mouth she spoke into her microphone, "clear."

Aboard the shuttle the senior of the security team looked to the ambassador, "when you're ready ma'am."

Cavett glanced toward the security officer briefly looking for a thumbs up or down on the sensor alarm.

"Single sidearm, energy based, lower back," Gallagher remarked.

With a nod, Cavett returned his attention to the airlock just in time to see the Paraagan delegation begin to enter the airlock.

As Tol Sa'id stepped through and set foot on the Eagle's deck, she took a quick glance at the faces of the humans present. She was immediately drawn to a graceful, dark complected woman who she would have assumed to be the leader had she not known that their commander was male. So instead, she turned to the taller, middle-aged man next to the woman. "Captain Cavett," she stated, having been once again coached on formal address, "thank you for welcoming us aboard. May I introduce our delegation?"

"Of course, Ambassador," he said, holding his hand out to offer their customary greeting. Despite the lack of choice in welcoming them aboard Cavett was more professional than to allude to his annoyance. Besides the overall mission was important and if this first contact could help repair relations between the Paraagans and Earth than it would be a win in his column.

Gesturing toward each as she spoke, Tol said, "This is Lieutenant Lyssa Eyri, a scientist from Space Forces Command; First Lieutenant Dallee Tayvore, from our protection unit; and my assistant, Ketol Eror."

Eyri tried to not look uncomfortable, she didn't like the idea of being on the humans ship. She wanted to wrap this mission up and then get back on their own ship. Her eyes drifted across the faces of the senior staff, the majority were male, she'd read that male still dominated their species militaries and governments.

Tayvore simply nodded at the Captain when he glanced in her direction.

Elizabeth's eyes scanned each member of the delegation as they were introduced. However, they ended up drifting back to the scientist for an unknown reason.

As the Ambassador seemed to ignore his hand he just let it fall back to his side and he paused for a moment looking at each member of the delegation as well as the obvious security team they had brought along. He looked to the various members of the staff that were present and then back at the Ambassador.

"Allow me to introduce a few of my senior staff," he said, motioning to Liz. "This is my Command Master Chief, Elizabeth Alvey," he said, including the first and last name as the ambassador had. "She is one of my most trusted advisors and she will be involved in almost all aspects of your visit," he informed her. "She is also my direct representative anything that the Master Chief conveys can be considered my wishes."

Tol nodded with respect to Alvey. "Elizabeth—that's an interesting, unusual name. I would like to know its origin."

"Ambassador, pleasure," Liz said as she stepped forward, "Elizabeth is a fairly common name on Earth dating back to some of our earliest historical records. In my case, I was named after my maternal grandmother. She passed away just before I was born." Elizabeth felt slightly odd talking about this in front of the entire delegation, but the Ambassador did ask.

"I should like to hear more about your eponym at a later time," Tol replied.

"We also have Lieutenant Gallagher my weapons officer and Lieutenant Warwick my science officer," he said motioning to both. "Lieutenant Warwick will be present to archive the first contact for our records. He will also be our protocol officer of sorts so in future meetings with our government he can ensure that appropriate customs and pleasantries can be shared by other members of Starfleet and my government."

Gallagher nodded slightly uncomfortable from the encounter and wishing he was OOD on the bridge. He watched the contingent of newcomers hoping the encounter would end soon.

Trent nodded respectfully. "Ambassador," he said in greeting

The ambassador nodded toward the two men but did not engage them in further pleasantries. "Thank you, again, for your welcome, Captain Cavett," she said to the commanding officer. "Shall we move forward with the agenda?"

"Yes, please follow me," Cavett said, leading them all toward the Wardroom.


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