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Food for Thought

Posted on 17 Jan 2018 @ 11:48pm by Chief Petty Officer Pascal Lamarque & Lieutenant Tsuki Mikazidake

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill
Location: Wardroom, Deck A
Timeline: SUN 3 AUG 2160, 0825

Tsuki frowned a bit, as he and one of his aides were busy setting up the wardroom for a diplomatic meeting. He had paged CPO Lamarque, and they'd probably need to discuss arrangements and dietary supplies. He was just thankful that was in the data packet they had received or they'd be in real trouble with the sudden change in plans.

"Hello," Pascal announced himself. He entered the wardroom, instantly noticing the formal preparations that were underway. Normally, Ó hÉalaighthe was his ears to what was going on, but he missed the latest gossip. "What's going on in here?"

"Oh, FSC Lamarque." Tsuki turned to face him. "We've got a rather urgent need - we need to make this room ready for a diplomatic meeting between us and the Paraagans. The Captain suggested I get your help, and.. well, I don't precisely know what food to set up, or if there are specific requirements we need to observe when setting up the room."

"For the who?" Pascal asked. "I think you're asking the wrong person... Give me a menu and I can make the food... but I don't do the catering set-up. I'm a chef, not a butler."

"The Paraagans. We're doing first contact with them on board the ship, instead of their planet like planned." Tsuki tabbed his padd to the information, including the food. "And that's what I need most, since.. well, I'm not sure we want anything but.. " He frowns, tabbing down to some information about diplomatic courtesies.

".. Well, honestly, the equivalent of what you'd expect of a diplomatic summit back home."

"Do you have a menu?" Pascal asked, feeling quite confused by Tsuki. "And a timeline?"

"I have a menu.. somewhere.." Tsuki frowned, as he pulled it up. He would have thought .. but apparently he was incorrect, and had jumped the gun.. again... "As for a timeline, I think we have two to three hours. It's why we're .. rather in a hurry."

Pascal held out his hand for the menu, "Two to three? Which one is it? A difference of sixty minutes can ruin a meal."

Tsuki hands him it, and rechecks his timeline. "Two hours and.. twenty minutes."

The chef looked over the menu and calculated his time. "I can do that," he concluded. "But I'll need to get started right away. Thanks for the advanced notice," he said with sarcasm. "The kitchen staff will be ecstatic."


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