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Old Goats

Posted on 05 Nov 2017 @ 10:57pm by Chief Petty Officer Bose Gabor & Senior Chief Petty Officer Thomas Cooper

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill
Location: Goat Locker

Gabor walked into the Goat Locker and looked around the only other occupant was the Operations Chief, "morning Senior," he said, going straight for the coffee pot.

Cooper acknowledged after sipping his own coffee, "Likewise, Chief". He has been slowly scrolling through a comparison of sensory data and recent course headings.

The chief dumped some coffee into his mug before walking over to the table and sitting across from his department's chief. "What have you got planned for the day?" he asked.

Tom put the pad down, rubbed his eyes with his left hand, he'd been reviewing those logs for far too long. "Get the First Lieutenant promoted to Senior Chief and made Operations Chief so he can look at these damned comparison charts." He took another sip of the delicious caffeine.

"Yeah but then you wouldn't have a job," he said, with a smirk. "I'm going to start getting the shuttles prepared for the departure to the planet. I may have snuck myself in as a pilot for one of them," he winked, as he took a pull at his own coffee.

Cooper chuckled. "I guess you'd be right on that one Chief." Sipped again from his mug before continuing " Now that's a man after my own heart, getting in some flight time. That sounds way better than analytics." He paused both considering a thought and wondered what the First Lieutenant's view was on 'on-the-fly' learning. " I see here we have some non-rates and some crew members getting some cross training. Maybe a good time for some on the job training? This should be pretty straight forward."

"They'd need to be acclimated with the pods first today would be very premature. As it is I'll have a non-rate at the helm who isn't qualified when we arrive. Though on the job training is what gets you good experience providing it's done by the right person. That being said though, senior, I think that we should do away with being able to strike a rate I feel that A-School is a valuable experience and education that can't be matched on the job."

Tom nodded. "Fair enough Chief. A-School does have its place, but none of that, in my opinion, makes up for the practical and the 'do' that one can get outside of the classroom. To each, their own I would suppose." He drained the rest of his cup of coffee in one final satisfying pull.

"I guess what I'm saying is that you need both, one isn't good enough. We can train them on the job to serve on the Eagle but when they go to a different ship class it's not going to be what they expect. At least by going through A-School you have a global foundation."

"You've got yourself a point there Chief." He stood up, walked over to the counter where the coffee pot was. He poured himself a second cup "It wouldn't be what they'd expect, given some orientation time on how that ship is configured, I think they'd be just fine. But..." He sipped slowly on the hot coffee. "Fleet decides that, not some Operations Senior Chief" he chuckled.

"Indeed," Gabor said, turning his attention to his own coffee.

"How long you been aboard the Eagle?" He placed the pot of coffee back down on the counter. He turned, placed his cup on the table before he sat back down.

"I'm a plank owner," he responded.

Coop tipped his coffee cup in a nod. "Respectable Chief. Respectable."

"Thank you, senior," he said, rising with mug in hand. "If you'll excuse me I have to go to the shuttle pod bays and get to work."

Coop nodded. "No need to stand on ceremony Chief. I'm sure you're a busy man."


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