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The Tour Continues

Posted on 05 Mar 2018 @ 12:19pm by Chief Petty Officer Pascal Lamarque & Chief Petty Officer Jenna Wozniak

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill

"The nutrient solution is mixed and stored in those barrels, then used as needed. I think this has to be one of my favorite places on the ship. Without the hydroponics, I'm not sure where I'd find inspiration to keep cooking," Pascal said. He caressed a green tomato, weighing it in his hand. "Plus, the greenery is welcoming when you've been in space for an extended time."

"So are you responsible for all the gardening too?" she asked, having never considered that before. She stood closely next to him and reached out and touched a different tomato her finger moving over it lightly feeling the texture of it's skin.

"I can influence what's planted, but my gardening skills are limited to knowing if a vegetable is ripe or not. I'm a better artist than a gardener, I'm afraid," Pascal admitted. "Mostly, I just like coming in here for the smell of the air rather than doing anything productive." He closed the remaining space between them, leaving the tomato behind and caressing Jenna's cheek.

Jenna blushed a little and rested her hand on his chest, "I'd love to see some of your art," she told him.

"Tonight?" he asked.

"Why not?" she asked, with a little shrug. "We were supposed to finish the tour in my quarters or yours anyway... and you've seen mine."

"Then I'm glad I cleaned up - just don't look in my closet," he winked and grabbed her hand. "Let's go find some of the sketchbooks."

She blushed a little as she took his hand and held it gently, "I can't make any promises. I'm just naturally curious and now you've made it worse."

Pascal looked back at her as he pulled her out to the hall and headed in the direction of his quarters. "I'm clean in the kitchen, my bunk is a different story - just in case that's a deal-breaker. I try... but hanging up clothing is not my specialty."

At his door, he keyed it for entrance and led Jenna in. The bed was freshly made and all the surfaces were clear of clutter (all due to his closet-stuffing before his date). The sketch pads were in a desk drawer, properly cared for, and he pulled the current two out without needing to reveal his hidden mess. "Here we go," he said with a flourish.

"I am really excited," she said, honored he'd share his art with her. "And your quarters are not nearly as bad as you made them out to be. I mean, it's clean. Unless it's all under your bed or something," she smirked.

"In that closet," he pointed. Taking a seat on his bed, he offered up the older of the two books. "My mom's an architect and I studied that for a while, so sometimes my layouts look a bit too constructed to me. I've been working on trying to make it look a lot more organic," Pascal warned before he fully handed over the book.

"That's not a bad thing... it shows a passion for architecture, doesn't it?" she asked, taking the book. "May I?" she asked, wanting permission to sit next to him on the bed.

He patted a soft spot next to him, "Please," he invited. "I definitely do not have a passion for architecture," he said. "That's why I'm a chef."

"You can have more than one love," she pointed out, sitting close to him and opening the book. She studied the first page and had to fight the urge to actually feel the image, like its texture would add to what she was seeing. "A chef and an artist," she corrected him.

"Mostly a chef," he enjoyed her reaction though, his ego stroked properly. "Tell me more about you," he requested when she turned the page. "I know you like tennis and I know a little bit about your work... what's you favorite flower? Where on Earth did you grow up? Do you have any siblings and did you have to destroy them for your great aunt's inheritance?"

"Well actually, I lived on the Lunar Colony for like six years and my favorite flowers are lillies. Anything but roses really they're cliche. And I am an only child and it was always very disappointing for me I always wanted a younger sibling," she told him, with a shrug. "Thankfully I had cousins who filled that need pretty well."

"Ahh, so the cousins got the great aunt's inheritance then?"

"Yup," she laughed a little. "Good thing I'm more interested in being in a uniform than money."

Pascal reached over to the book she held and quickly flipped through the pages so he could see what was on them. He was relieved that there wasn't anything too questionable that he would need to explain right away and returned control to Jenna. "And how do you feel about being out of uniform?"

Jenna looked at him for a second not sure exactly how he intended the question, "doesn't everyone like their time off?" she asked, with a slight blush.

"Miss Jenna, I cannot read you at all," Pascal gave a shake of his head, then leaned back to get a better view of her body language. He wasn't sure whether to get her permission for a kiss, or to go in and take it. Was she interested, or stringing him along like a kitten? He could not tell but he was afraid of running into a wall.

She looked at him unsure of what to say; she turned redder. She was socially awkward and inexperienced when it came to romantic situations.

She opened her mouth and eventually, “I.. I wasn’t sure how you meant it.” It was pretty clear that he’d be better served to take the helm.

He smiled, "I didn't make you a personal cupcake just because I like you." He inflected "like" as an elementary school student on the playground would say it. "I gave it to you because I like you," this time he over pronounced "like." "Like, I wanna kiss you. That's what I meant."

"Oh," she said, blushing. "I think we should try that..."

"You're sure?" he teased and waited long enough to see her nod of consent before plucking the sketchbook from her. He tossed the book on the floor and slid closer to Jenna. Her eyes closed as he caressed her cheek and then softly kissed her lips.

She nodded after the first kiss, “it was a good idea,” she said, before kissing him.


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