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Change of Plans

Posted on 15 Oct 2017 @ 6:25pm by Captain Eugene Cavett & Command Master Chief Elizabeth Alvey & Commander Viorica Renna & Lieutenant Tsuki Mikazidake & Lieutenant William Gallagher & Lieutenant Junior Grade Trenton Warwick Jr & Captain Lucas Bishop

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill
Location: A Deck, Situation Room
Timeline: SUN 3 AUG 2160, 09:20

Captain Cavett just closed out his conversation with Admiral Kern regarding their first contact with the Paraagan and a major change of plans had come up. He was not expecting this turn of events and he knew that his crew was not either. He clicked on the overhead announcing system and cleared his throat.

"Attention all hands report to your departments and prepare for briefing all senior staff report to the situation room immediately, this is the captain."

Tsuki rose an eyebrow and handing over control of his current task to one of the crewman there, headed to the situation room and.. well, noted that the others were still arriving. Hopefully, they'd find out soon what was going on.

Will had been in the armory calibrating and checking the shipment of replacement rifles they received while at Earth, Odegaard had tasked him with acting as Weapons Officer allowing him to focus on his XO duties for the mission. So far all it meant was more paperwork. He nodded to Ops officer as he entered the situation room and leaned against the bulkhead waiting for the rest of the staff to arrive.

Captain Bishop entered the situation room and gave a respectful nod to those already present, he had the MACOs running drills and had his senior personnel brushing up on diplomatic protocol, something that wasn't normally high up in the MACO training regime.

Elizabeth walked into the room and gave a curt nod to those around her. She went straight to the table and took up her typical seat. She didn't have a clue what was going on, but she figured this had to be a fairly drastic change or escalation for them to be summoned so quickly and departing departments for reports.

Vez and Viorica arrived at roughly the same time. The Denobulan doctor entered in an unusually graceful manner, but upon taking her seat a loud splorch echoed through the situation room. Her eyes wide, Vez stammered, "That- that was the chair..."

Viorica, whose hair was still wet from a late shower, smiled kindly at the doctor and sat next to her. She had just left Gene's quarters, where she had slept in, and rushed to make it to the meeting. "Have we arrived...?"

Cavett made a face at the doctor and couldn't help but give a slight smile to the Engineer. He stood at the table in the situation room at the rear of the bridge and took a deep breath before beginning. "Slight change of plans people," he said, he was hard to read it wasn't terrible news but he didn't seem happy either.

"It turns out that the Paraagans are not interested in us coming to their planet however they also do not want to miss out on the opportunity that making first contact could be," he said. It pissed Gene off that even after proving they weren't responsible for the colony's destruction that these people still held them responsible. "The delegation will be coming aboard the ship first," he said, pausing to allow the staff time to ask questions before he continued.

"They should be assigned a security detail while aboard, and I'd like to post additional security at secure areas of the ship," Gallagher said.

"Well we certainly won't let them wander the ship while they're here, Lieutenant," Cavett said. "However, I would like to have security staff armed at all times while on duty and an extra team prepared. They will not be lodging aboard the ship during this event so we can also work on locking the ship down to keep their access only from the path they'll need to take from the airlock to the Wardroom. I would think that is the best place to hold this meeting."

"I would agree, sir," Odegaard spoke up. "I would think given the situation and with the reluctance to meet we shouldn't overdo the ceremony we should just provide the space."

Cavett nodded, "thoughts or suggestions?"

Tsuki frowned, considering. "We should also consider hardening the access points to our computer network. Just go to the normal secure-hardened protocol we have on file. In addition, since we won't be landing for some time, nor providing lodgings, I can potentially have some staff work on checking that... but what bothers me is something I need to follow up with the quartermaster and get the wardroom ready for a diplomatic meeting." He jotted a note down. "Something seems off about this, as if they don't believe the proof... Hm. Well."

"I don't think they trust us at all," Cavett said. "I think that it's clear that they don't trust the proof just as the Vulcans blew it off but we cannot afford to lose this opportunity to establish a good relationship with a new species. You can remove the network access to the computer in the wardroom but beyond that, I don't think we need to go too far. As we still don't have a Support Officer you can coordinate with FSC Lamarque to prepare for the meeting," he said.

"Will do, sir." Tsuki nodded as he made a note to himself.

"Lieutenant Gallagher, I would like at least two people with the group at all times the rest can be at access points to other areas of the ship. I'm sure Captain Bishop would be able to provide the extra support as needed."

"Yes sir." Both Gallagher and Bishop said in unison, the two men glanced at each other. Gallagher smirked, "Security rotation are already prepared but I'd be happy to coordinate with the MACOs Sir."

"We should be arriving within the next ten to fifteen minutes if we need more time we can drop speed."

As the Paraagan visitors would essentially be confined to B Deck, Viorica was unconcerned with the security of the engineering sectors. It was unlikely that she would be conducting any tours, and her primary duty in this situation seemed to be "token alien" alongside Doctor Vez.

Trent could barely contain his excitement. To him first contact meant new tech to tinker with.

"Captain, you stated that they were coming here first. Does that mean going to their planet is still on the table depending on talks?" Elizabeth said after tearing apart the Captain's words a little more precisely.

"I'm hoping," Cavett responded, honestly. "All department heads will be a part of the delegation at one time or another. OPS will be the Officer of the Deck while they come aboard. WEPS will be present as well as Captain Bishop for security reasons. Lieutenant Warwick, you will be responsible for the historical recording of the event. I want you to record any notes on cultural fact and notable discussion, the like," he said, turning to face the LTJG. "Questions?"

Trent considered this for a moment before answering. "In addition to the cultural aspect," he said, barely able to contain his excitement. "How far can we go in the exchange of some scientific knowledge, Captain?"

"We don't know what to expect in meeting them and their attitudes toward us. I think we should hold off on those thoughts until we get face to face and can evaluate the situation better."

Trent nodded. "Understood, Captain." he said

"Anyone else have any thoughts, questions, comments, or concerns?" he asked.

Tsuki shook his head. "No, sir."

"Make all preparations and notify the bridge when your departments are prepared and the security items have been taken care of. We will not make contact with the ambassador to signal their meeting with us until such time we are prepared. I will reduce us to Warp 4 that should give us a little extra time," Cavett said, with a pause. "Get to work people."


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