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Making Contact

Posted on 19 Oct 2017 @ 11:53pm by Captain Eugene Cavett & Chief Petty Officer Bose Gabor & Lieutenant Tsuki Mikazidake & Lieutenant William Gallagher & Petty Officer Third Class Rebecca Ó hÉalaighthe & Ambassador Tol Sa'id

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill
Location: A Deck, Bridge
Timeline: SUN 3 AUG 2160, 10:00

"Alright crewman, we're coming up on our destination and we're going to need to drop from warp and take our position on impulse and thrusters," Chief Gabor said, quietly into the ear of his trainee Crewman O'hÉalaighthe. "Announce to the Officer of the Deck that we are approaching our destination and recommend going to impulse."

Nodding, Rebecca followed the chief's instructions and said, "Lieutenant Mikazidake, we're approaching the rendezvous coordinates. Recommend dropping to impulse speed." She hoped she had pronounced the lieutenant's name correctly. This shift was a change from her usual rotation, where Commander Odegaard was the OOD, but Gabor thought this would be a valuable experience in her training.

"Acknowledged, Crewman hÉalaighthe." Tsuki looked up at the screen, and while he was reasonably sure he'd got the name correct, his slight Japanese accent always made it difficult to be sure. "Drop to impulse, please, and let's get a scan out and see if our Paraaganian friends are out there. Standby for hailing them."

"Aye." Rebecca initiated the impulse engines and dropped the Eagle out of warp. Everything read normal on her consoles and she exhaled slowly. Driving a big, big ship. No big, big deal...

"Beginning scans," William said from the weapons station. "I'm not detecting them. Although I have what seems to be a communication and sensor satellite about fifty-thousand clicks from us. They could be waiting for us to make contact via the satellite." Gallagher suggested.

Gene stepped onto the bridge and approached Tsuki, "you can keep the bridge," he said, sitting down in the chair that the Lieutenant would vacate.

"Aye, sir." Tsuki got up and for the moment just stood up in a bit of a distance before he'd move to his usual bridge console.

"Acknowledged. Hail the satellite, then."

"Belay that," Cavett said, speaking up. "Hail the Space Forces Headquarters and request to speak with Ambassador Said," he told them. "I forwarded the frequencies and code to communications from my ready room," Cavett ordered.

"Aye sir," the communications watchstander, responded.

"Eagle, this is the Paraagan delegation," said Tol, "we're receiving you."

"This is Captain Cavett we are in position and awaiting your arrival, do you have an ETA?" Cavett asked, sounding staticky.

Tol looked to her assistant to fill her in on the ETA to the rendezvous point.

Ketol looked at the chart in his hand. "We should arrive in approximately one hour from now." He told Tol. He was looking forward to what this conversation with the humans would bring about for their world.

With a grimace, Tol relayed the information to the Eagle's commander.

"An hour," Cavett repeated an annoyed tone to his voice. "We will be awaiting your arrival to our port docking port. Do you have any special requests that we need to be aware of for your arrival?" he asked.

"Nothing outside of the requests we have already provided, Mister Cavett. We will see you in one hour." Looking to Tayvore, she said, "Close the channel."

"Captain Cavett out," Gene said, gesturing the comm officer to close their end of the channel.

"All stop, maintain position with thrusters," Cavett ordered, once the communication was cut. "OOD you have the bridge Lieutenant Gallagher you're with me," he said, standing from the command chair.

Gallagher rose and waiting a moment until his relief moved to take the station before moving to follow the Captain.

"Aye, sir." Tsuki nodded. He remained at the watch, as the Captain and Lieutenant left the bridge.


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