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The Stars Aligned

Posted on 21 Sep 2017 @ 10:54pm by Command Master Chief Elizabeth Alvey

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill
Location: Cartography Office, D Deck
Timeline: SAT 2 AUG 2160, 12:00

Elizabeth had taken a somewhat early lunch and made her way to the Cartography office before the senior staff briefing. She wanted to just clear her mind of the administrative tasks, and get back to the science that she loved. To understand the forces that acted on each object to keep them located in relative positions, one has to devote countless hours. That landed squarely into Liz's wheel house. She had spent much of her career focused on editing star charts and studying patterns.

This trip to the lab not only allowed Liz to clear her head, but she was able to focus on where they were traveling to. Liz was particularly focused on the charts that surrounded the area they would be visiting, the Paraagan home world. She figured, if anything, knowing what was hidden throughout the space surrounding the colony might provide a valuable resource. However, Liz noted that there was nothing to provide a tactical advantage in this region of space.

However, that did not stop Liz from continuing to watch the stars. She projected the orbit of various heavenly bodies. It mesmerized her. She paid little attention to the people coming and going from the office and only came to, when the alarm that she had set, went off. She blinked, stood, and dismissed the alarm. 'Time for work,' she thought to herself as she gathered her files and left the room.


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