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The Delegation

Posted on 20 Sep 2017 @ 6:46am by First Lieutenant Dallee Tayvore & Ketol Eror & Ambassador Tol Sa'id & Lieutenant Lyssa Eyri

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill
Location: Paraagan Home World, Capitol Building

First Lieutenant Tayvore sat at the conference table in the briefing room she had a small computer on the table in front of her and she was going through personnel profiles. She was currently assigned to the dignitary protection unit at the Capitol and was proud to be placed on this assignment, a first contact. Tayvore was in the academy when the incident occurred she wasn't sure that she believed that the Suliban were actually the cause it seemed convenient for Earth to come up with that story. Though there was reportedly evidence they brought forth, she was worried about this first contact with their good friends the Vulcans abandoning them.

Tayvore was working on selecting her team to protect the Ambassador for which she was waiting to meet with as well as a Space Forces Scientist that would be a part of the delegation. According to the briefing that she received from her boss, they thought it would be best to hold the first contact aboard the Earth starship to protect the planet from being destroyed like their colony.

Lieutenant Lyssa Eyri entered the briefing room, "Lieutenant Tayvore, I'm Eyril, Space Forces Command informed me I've been assigned to this delegation." She said. As a scientist, she was interested in the mission but she wasn't particularly interested in meeting the Terrans. Even if they weren't the direct cause of the incident, their track record in the region left something to be desired.

"Nice to meet you ma'am," Tayvore responded, with a slight smile. "I spoke with the Ambassador's assistant just a while ago we should be expecting her shortly."

"Sounds good." She said taking an empty seat at table, and using the time to get some work completed on a paper she was submitting to the Science Association.

Shortly afterward, Ambassador Sa'id entered with her assistant. "Are we all here?" she asked, wasting no time to jump into business. She took the spot at the head of the table and continued, "What is left on our task list?"

Ketol Error followed Ambassador Sa'id into the room, taking the seat to her right, she opened her notebook and began to take notes as the discussion began.

"I believe so Mad'am Ambassador," the Army Lieutenant spoke up. "I would like to discuss first the concerns of making contact with the Humans. My boss is suggesting that we make contact with them on their vessel and not allow them to make entry to the planet before making contact," she said, looking directly at the Lieutenant.

"The Science Directorate has asked that we provide we them with preliminary scans of the earth ship before we allow it to enter orbit of Paraagan Prime." Eyri added.

The ambassador nodded along as she listened. "Yes, that would be prudent. They would hardly be in a position to object to our caution."

"The craft we're taking has adequate sensors for the task, I have also brought hand scanners for us to make any additional scans of their vessel or equipment that may be deemed necessary," Eyri added.

"We should be open to the fact that they may not be welcoming to these scans. While I understand the need to scan the vessel to see if the presence is dangerous to our atmosphere but beyond that, we have no grounds. They were able to prove it was not their fault this occurred and even if we are skeptical how would we feel if they showed up and started scanning our buildings or the inside of our ships?" Dallee spoke up.

"That may be so," Tol said, looking toward Dallee Tayvore, "but the Terrans requested another chance to make a good impression. The onus is on them to make us feel safe about that. Perhaps the Paraagan II incident was the fault of the Suliban, but the continued safety of our homeworld should be grounds enough for this level of vigilance."

"From what I've read in the briefing package if the situation was reversed, and one of our ships was approaching their home world we would no doubt be scanned, and escorted in by one of their ships. While the Science Directorate will of course defer to the Ambassador, my superiors don't feel the request are unreasonable." Eyri said, sliding a tablet with the requests from the Directorate towards the Ambassador.

Tol scanned the tablet, nodding as she agreed with its main points. She passed it to Tayvore and asked, "Are these reasonable actions for the protection of this delegation and planet?"

"I think scanning the ship and scanning their people are not the same thing," she said, as she began to read the document. "I have no problem doing things that are required for safety but anything beyond that for purely scientific purposes should be met with consent as I'm sure you'd like to consent to your person being scanned."

"Your ethical concerns are noted. Anyone else?" Tol asked, looking around the table.

"No ma'am," Eyri said glancing around the table.

Dallee, who looked a bit annoyed shook her head to indicate she had nothing further.


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