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Making Preparations

Posted on 20 Sep 2017 @ 6:45am by Captain Eugene Cavett & Command Master Chief Elizabeth Alvey & Commander Viorica Renna & Lieutenant Tsuki Mikazidake & Lieutenant William Gallagher & Lieutenant Commander Veznia MD & Captain Lucas Bishop

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill
Location: Ward Room
Timeline: SAT 2 AUG 2160, 14:00

"As you were," Cavett said, as he walked toward the head of the table in the Ward Room. All of the senior staff were gathered, currently at attention, for a final briefing before arriving at the Paraagan homeworld. He took his seat and waited for the staff to settle in before beginning to speak.

"We will be arriving at the Paraagan homeworld tomorrow at approximately ten according to my last check with the helm," he told them. "As you all know we are not sure what to expect when we arrive as Earth has had no contact with this species since the incident with the Enterprise and the Suliban at their mining colony. We need to be, as you know, prepared for anything."

"Before we get into the mission I want to do a last minute check for any concerns of readiness with any departments?"

Elizabeth took her seat and quickly flipped through her files to see if she had any major concerns to bring up. She caught a few minor things that were not mission-related, so she just shook her head in the negative.

Likewise, Viorica shook her head. Although she was essentially down a man, with the transfer of Midshipman Elliot Cavett out of engineering and into his next qualifying department, things were still running smoothly in the belly of the ship. She was, however, very interested in the first contact aspect of the Eagle's new mission. Coming from a species that had an initially rocky start with the humans, she wondered whether this second try would go as well as it did with the Vissians.

Bishop shook his head along with many of the other senior officers that they were ready for this mission.

Tsuki shook his head as he listened in.

"Glad to see all is well in the departments," Cavett spoke up when nobody else spoke up. "I received word that Earth has been able to make contact with the Paraagan Government and we are to make contact with an Ambassador Said," he said, pronouncing the name wrong.

"Commander Odegaard and Captain Bishop it's my understanding that your two departments will be coordinating efforts and personnel for this mission. Do you have any proposed plans for security for this mission? I know that we have no real ground to go off of before we reach out to the government."

"Yes sir, we've planned to use mixed security teams of Starfleet and MACOs, we've posted additionally personnel through the ship. Although we don't have any information on protocol for the security to meet with the Ambassador so we're following our standard procedures. We also are keeping a team on alert in the hanger bay in case we need to send a team in to extract our delegation." Bishop said.

"Sounds like a plan," Cavett said. "Doctor Veznia, what do we have planned for medical contingencies?" he asked.

Veznia was leaned back in her seat, her hands folded across her stomach. Admittedly, she had been paying little attention to the room's conversation until her name was called. With a small jolt, she sat forward.

"Sorry Captain, could you please repeat that?" The Denobulan said with an innocent smile.

Cavett frowned at the doctor, "Have we preplanned for any medical contingencies?"

Tsuki didn't look up from his report, where he had been examining what supplies they'd need. Some of the requests were a little odd, and required some careful packing.

Vez leaned forward. "Yes, um, we are preparing presently." She said sounding rather unsure.

Cavett glanced toward the Executive Officer as if to tell him to get on that. He looked around the room, "I wish I had more information but I'm still waiting to hear from Admiral Kern. Continue to prepare your departments for any possibility and report any issues to the XO immediately as they arise. Dismissed."


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