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Woz and Pascal

Posted on 23 Sep 2017 @ 7:02pm by Chief Petty Officer Pascal Lamarque & Chief Petty Officer Jenna Wozniak

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill

The shadows didn't hide the pile of laundry stacked on the desk chair or the toppled pile of books or the remaining assortment of various messes throughout his small quarters. But the closet was mostly empty and, in a matter of minutes, Pascal had the room looking pristine. He wasn't sure if the tour he offered Jenna would conclude in his room, but if it did, making a clean impression on the health inspector was his number one goal.

His reflection caught his eye in the mirror. Pascal straightened his shirt and brushed his fingers through his hair one last time. "You've got this," he told himself, then headed out to meet up with Jenna.

"Well, don't you look beautiful," he greeted when he saw her waiting for him near the door to the mess hall. He held out a small box for her, "I brought you a little something."

Jenna had just arrived at the Goat Locker moments before Pascal and looked around, relieved it was empty. Despite that there was nothing wrong with two Chiefs being together by rule it was probably frowned upon still to fraternize with a fellow crew member or at least she thought there could be. Jenna turned and blushed, "I don't know who you could possibly be talking to," she said, running her fingers through her hair hoping it wasn't a mess.

She stepped closer to him and took the box looking at it wondering what mysteries it held inside. "That's very sweet of you," she said, her blush darkening a bit. She opened the box and peered inside and smiled and looked back up at him, "it looks delicious, thank you."

"Well," he tipped his head and offered an almost shy smile, "presentation is only 50% of the score. I was trying for 'absolutely divine,' but I don't want to influence your assessment over-much." The shyness of the smile developed into true warmness. "And this is also meant to be a tour. Admittedly, I spend most of my time in the kitchen - but I know a few other areas of the ship too. What are you interested in seeing?"

"Anything but sickbay," she told him, with a smirk. "Though maybe we should stop by my quarters and drop this off?" she suggested, holding up the box which she closed.

He gave a nod and gestured to either direction in the corridor, "For that, you will have to lead the way."

"I can do that," she said, leading him out of the Goat Locker and toward her quarters. "I was surprised by how nice the Chief's quarters are... a nice step up from enlisted quarters."

"Did you serve on a different ship before?"

"I've served on two other ships one other NX and a small vessel that remained in the Sol system," she told him. "The small vessel, I was the only medical provider aboard.

"Here we are," she said, a minute or two later. She inserted the code into the door and walked in, "come in if you'd like," she invited him. Never one to resist an invitation, Pascal joined Jenna in her room. She went over to her desk and sat the box down on top of it before turning around. Her quarters were neat and everything was in its place - decorations, including some certificates, a college diploma, and awards hung near the desk on the bulkhead.

Pascal took his time looking at the certificates. Everything looked professionally-official except a couple of ribbons. "What are these?"

"My last unit we had tennis tournaments," she said. "I won first place a few times and the Master Chief gave those out as prizes. Just a reminder of my last home and crew."

"My brother played tennis when he was in school. I don't remember anything about the game - but he was really good with his serves. And... that might be why I was good in track events," Pascal said. He rubbed his arm in memory of one rather persistent tennis ball attack.

"Maybe I can refresh you sometime," she offered. "I did run track back when I was in high school though. What was your best event?"

"I was a long jumper but never made any records. That, and I did some of the relays - 25 and 50 meter, I think. That was quite a while ago so I might be making those numbers up. There's a gym on the ship, did you want to see that in your tour, or do you want to skip the tour and hang out here?" Pascal asked.

"Well," she sighed. "I think a tour would be nice seeing as I've been putting off exploring to wait for you. But it could end here?"

Pascal gave her a huge grin, "I like that plan. We can start with the observation lounge. It's on this deck, around a few bends of the corridor."


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