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Security Error?

Posted on 26 Sep 2017 @ 12:16am by Lieutenant Tsuki Mikazidake & Chief Petty Officer Jenna Wozniak

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill
Location: LT Mikazidake's Office

Jenna arrived outside of the Lieutenant's office and knocked, waiting anxiously, she hated meeting new people in an official capacity for the first time when she knew it just meant work for them. She was much happier meeting people when she didn't need anything from them or in a nonduty related matter. When admitted she entered the office, "hello Lieutenant," she said. "I'm Chief Wozniak the HSC, I'm wondering if you can help me with a computer issue? I couldn't locate the CSO and Chief Gabor said I should come see you."

"No problem, Chief." Tsuki looked up from the now smaller pile of PADDs on his desk. "How can I help you?"

"I've been attempting to access some medical records as well as some other computer functions and I continually get security errors. It says that I do not have the access required to perform the function though it's nothing I haven't attempted since reporting," she explained.

"Hmm." Tsuki frowned. "We did a security overhaul and audit but we rechecked the roles to make sure authorized personnel still had access. " He brought up an access screen, yawning a bit. It had been a long day making sure nothing had been set up wrong, and Operations was tasked with making sure the ship was running at ship shape.

"Can you tell me what it is so I can verify if it's an authorization error?" Tsuki pulls up an access terminal.

"I don't understand what you're asking, sir,"she said, confused.

"Hmm. Well." Tsuki was looking through her permissions. "You appear to have all of the right permissions. I'm doublechecking one now, and reissuing them to you to see if that's the problem. So I thought I'd have you log in on the second terminal over there and check what you can access."

"Alright sir," she said, going to the open desk she took a seat and booted her profile into the computer. It seemed to take forever to load and then frowned, "this terminal doesn't have access to the patient charts," she told him. "They're only kept on certain computers I think..."

"That is generally true." Tsuki frowned. "But you should still be able to pull up the file and see an error command about not found."

Tsuki frowned as he looked over an authorization record. Normally, he'd have asked someone to do that, before he rubs his eyes. "I think we've found the problem. A new security subroutine is reverting changes. It's been misconfigured."

"You want to come down to sickbay with me so we can try it out?" she asked.

"That sounds good. I think this should fix it." Tsuki nodded, as he got up from his seat after securing the terminal.

"Alright, lets go test it out, sir," She led the way out of the office and toward the sickbay. "Have you been with Eagle long, sir?"

"Not long, just a week or so. I've been trying to learn her quirks for a bit and catch up. I was transferred here from a station." Tsuki admits. "How long have you been on the ship?"

"I came aboard just before we left for the mission," she explained. "It's my first posting as Chief which is very exciting."

"I can imagine that." Tsuki nods. "This is my first posting as a Department Head, so I'm hoping I don't screw up." his tone turns wry. "I can just hear one of my old lieutenants hectoring me all the way from Mars if he ever hears of it."

"Luckily once you make Chief people are usually pretty hesitant to give you grief," she said. They entered the sickbay and she led him to the console that she favored and sat down and logged back in. She brought up the medical program and logged into that and then attempted to bring up a patient chart. "There, much better!"

"Ah, good to hear." Tsuki frowns. "Well, I guess we'll need to do a manual review of the updated profiles. But I'm glad to hear it's working, and thanks for bringing this to my attention."

"Thank you for fixing it so quickly, sir." Jenna said, with a smile. "It was nice chatting with you also."


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