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Entangled Relationships

Posted on 20 Sep 2017 @ 6:49am by Captain Eugene Cavett & Commander Viorica Renna

Mission: Mission 2: Goodwill
Location: A Deck, Captain's Office

"Thank you both for coming, can I offer you a drink?" he asked, opening his mini-fridge. It was becoming suspiciously low of coke and couldn't help but blame Chief Gabor for trying to expand the horizons of his best steward. He pulled himself out one of the cans and turned waiting for an answer from both of his most senior officers.

Shaking her head, Viorica answered, "No, thank you." The bubbles in Gene's beverage of choice made her nose itch, and the other drink he had handy... Well, that would have her stumbling back to the engineering decks.

The Executive Officer shook his head, "no thank you, sir."

Cavett shrugged and found himself a can of coke before taking his seat behind his desk and popping open then can and taking a sip.

"I called you here to discuss my son," he said. "Now that the relationship between V and I has come to light and I have no intentions of it ending it anytime soon. I want to have Elliot moved to another department to keep any odd situations from occurring... but first he needs to be qualified as EOOW."

Viorica shifted somewhat uncomfortably. Elliot had been doing well in engineering and she had become accustomed to having him around to manage little things, here and there. She felt a pang of guilt, knowing that she had a hand (or two) in causing this conflict of interest. The boy would do as well—or better—in any other department, though.

"I have faith in Midshipman Cavett to remain professional no matter what type of personal relationships may exist aboard the ship," he said, meaning not only between his father and his boss but also with the steward. Of course, Commander Odegaard was the only officer aware of the relationship and he intended to keep it that way unless it had become a problem.

"I appreciate that," Gene said, honestly. "But I think that it would be best for everyone to have him transferred out of Engineering once he is qualified. "I'd like to get him qualified as OOD while he is still with us as well," Gene added.

Odegaard nodded, "if those are your feelings sir I can make that happen as soon as I know that it will not take away from Commander Renna's needs for the mission," he said, glancing to the Engineer.

"That's fine," Cavett said. "Thank you both."


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