Observation on Humans

Posted on 03 Jun 2018 @ 11:48am by Zan K'ristun R'aer

I am glad that I went to Janet and David's gathering , rather than the gathering that my classmates went to after the graduating ceremony and the official graduation party. Not that I do not enjoy the company of the humans I spent the last three months with, in the Officer Candidate School, but...

Newly Commissioned Ensign Mark Neidermeyer is a pervert. There. I have said it. I believe he is one of those closet "furries" that Dugarnaarin Sh'lar warned me about. I had enough problems enforcing personal boundaries in official exchanges with Neidermeyer. I do not wish to interact with him in a purely social setting.

Janet was the classmate I studied with most, and I enjoy her company. Her and her husband are both xenobotanists held in high regard. Even the staff of the Caitian embassy speak highly of them. I believe Starfleet is very fortunate to receive a scientist of her skills into their ranks.

I spent a good deal of time being surrounded by Janet and Dave's daughter, Valerie, and the rest of her friends, all five and six years old.
I believe Janet is embarrassed with her daughter's fascination with my tail, but I don't mind. I remember when I was that age and I met my first Vulcan, and my friends and I really wanted to touch his ears!

Here is an odd thing. Quite a few adult female humans have expressed fascination with my tail and seem to presume that, because of our shared gender, I would have no problem with them satisfying their tactile curiosity. And then acted offended when I did not extend an invitation.

Humans are weird.

Also, quite a few humans seem to assume all Caitians know all other Caitians. I could see a certain limited if erroneous validity to that assumption if we were speaking just about the Caitians on Earth...

No, actually, I can't. Until I arrived on Earth, I had never met a member of the Caitian embassy, here....and I have had only had conversations with two members of our diplomatic presence on Earth: Dugarnaarin Sh'lar in Paris, and Dugarsul P'rrat in San Francisco.

Now, mind you, I've heard of Sh'lar. Who on Cait hasn't? She was the founder of the K'hula troupe when she was young, and they're still considered the premiere modern interpretationist of Gabijyana . And then Sh'lar decided to shake up the cultural scene on our planet, importing influences from off-planet into all the arts. I suspect that if Sh'lar wanted to be Naarin of the Caitian diplomatic mission to Earth, she could be. But I think...and this is only my uninformed opinion...that being Dugarnaarin lets her mingle with her human counterparts to her heart content.

But if you asked me before I came to Earth, do I know Sh'lar? Of course I know of her! I just don't know her.

Well, now I know her, and she's even better in person. She's sort of a glamorous version of your favorite grandmother, if that makes sense. And when I met her, she was really kind, but then she had a very frank discussion with me about humans that still embarrasses me when I think about it.

I'm rambling, aren't I? Well, I'm allowed to do that with my personal log.

Okay, my regular contact, if I need anything, is Dugarsul P'rrat, who has never been out of a big city in his life. The way he was acting, I suspect P'rrat was surprised that anyone could emerge from a rural area with any type of education, much less one as advanced as mine.

I think the human word used to describe people from my part of Cait, at least in P'rrat's view, is "redneck." I seriously think P'rrat expected me to enter his office chewing tamkhi, and would be worrying about me spitting on the carpet in his office.

Anyway, one of the things I would tell all humans is, you don't know all humans, so it's safe to assume I don't know all Caitians.

One of the things about Earth is that, even if Cait is diverse, Earth seems to be even more so. There's always something that reminds me of home. For example, there's a language called, sorry, French, where you can distinguish how close somebody is to you by the pronounce you use to address them. It's like your given name versus earned name. I think the indigenous people of North America...some of them anyway, have the same system. Of course, it was surprising to me when I first went to University, that the custom of earned name is not as important in the Northern cities as it was when I was growing up.

So when the party was over, and we were making our goodbyes, I shared my earned name with her. I mean, obviously it's not a secret name or anything. It's in my personnel file back on Cait. But humans don't understand the importance of earned names. Even northern urban Caitians won't use your earned name frivolously. But it was one of the things Sh'lar instructed me on, is not to give humans my earned name, because they don't recognize the social importance on it.

But Janet understood the importance, from past discussions, so she cried and hugged me, which made me cry and hug her back, and it was all goodl

Anyway, I had a good time, and I hope the good time I had will be a good omen about what I can expect on the Eagle.