Tour - Mess Hall

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Location C Deck
Description The crew's mess is the location all crew members may eat and enjoy their meals as well as find a place to relax and bond with their shipmates. While the crew's mess is open to all the Chief Petty Officers aboard have their own mess called the Goat Locker and the Commissioned Officers their own named the Ward Room. Warrant Officers who have previously served as a Chief Petty Officer are privileged to be part of both the Goat Locker and the Ward Room while Warrant Officers who never served as a Chief are privileged only to the Ward Room.

Note: The image above provides a general layout of the Mess and does not provide an accurate depiction of the actual furniture and decor of the room. It should also be noted that food is prepared by the Food Service staff and stored appropriately in the mess' dispensary built into the bulkhead. Drink dispensers are available and have a wide variety of items available as it is much easier for the protein re-sequencers to produce drinks than full meals.