Mission 3: Sombra da Águia

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Eagle is dispatched to check the Communication's Relay, Echo 4, which has gone offline without warning. The relay had been recently upgraded by Engineers while en route to a new colony located at Mineiros. When the crew arrives at the location of the relay only a debris field is found. It was obviously destroyed and by an unfamiliar weapons signature.

When Captain Cavett attempts to make contact with the colonial government on Mineiros and no response is received the Eagle responds at Emergency Warp. Upon arriving at the colony they find it in ruins and make contact with a vessel from the Romulan Star Empire.

Guerra das Águias

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Mission 0: The Prologue

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The Eagle has returned to Stardock after completing it’s final shakedown mission after being commissioned. The crew has time for R&R to celebrate the new year and finish last minute repairs prior to launching on its first mission. As the ship had been operating with a skeleton and pre-commissioning crew the remainder of the crew and it’s senior staff must report aboard the ship.

Mission 1: Distress Signal

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When the Eagle launches toward its first mission in deep space they detect an automated distress signal from an Earth Cargo Authority vessel. The Eagle immediately responds as quickly as possible and eventually intercept the vessel traveling toward earth a day later. The Eagle attempts to hail the vessel whose communications now appear down. When they attempt to board the vessel it attacks Eagle after disabling the Engines they conduct boarding operations and find that the vessel had been commandeered by a Klingon attempting to locate Archer.

Mission 1.5: Regrouping

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The Eagle returns to Earth following the incident with the ECA Hudson Valley to transfer their prisoner, mourn their dead, and regroup. Facing some crew changes and preparing to depart once again for their original destination of the Paraagan homeworld. The Eagle is currently docked at Earth's Stardock which was still vacant following their departure.

Mission 2: Goodwill

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The Eagle is sent on behalf of Earth to make contact with the Paraagan homeworld the first contact with the species after the destruction of the colony Paraagan II by the Suliban.