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Character Development Award

Awarded to a member who had outstanding character growth throughout the mission. This award can be nominated by a member of the sim or the game staff at the conclusion of the mission. This award may be awarded to both Primary Playing and Secondary Playing Characters (Personal NPCs).

Category: Both
Awarded: 1 time

Commander Viorica Renna
16 Nov 2016 @ 11:52pm
The Eagle crew during our prologue is settling in aboard their new home, we are getting a glimpse into their personal lives, and things are slowly moving toward the day that the crew would get to get underway. All is not well in LCDR Renna's personal life as we see her estranged from her husband. While her husband is determined to continue their relationship he brings he lures the unsuspecting Viorica to his home where there is a co-genitor is waiting and forces her to mate with him taking her character's life and outlook in a new direction. (Stephen)

I have to admit, Viorica's interactions with the crew and her inner thoughts are a great read, especially when it comes down to 'accents.' I'm looking forward to reading more! (Shi)