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Esprit de Corps

Awarded to a member of the crew, semi-annually, who has shown great pride in their membership to our community and has expressed it in participation, motivating others, and being a great example of why our community is so special. This award is based on nominations from the membership and game staff. Nominations shall be held in January and June and then announced the following month. Members must have served aboard the Eagle for at least three months time to be eligible for nomination.

Category: Both
Awarded: 1 time

Captain Eugene Cavett
15 Jan 2017 @ 10:12pm
With passion that is obvious to even outside observers, Stephen has created an original alternate universe that has captured the imagination of its active community. He has empowered his AGM staff to act as though the simulation is their own, he devotes himself to the inclusion of every character, and he keeps players motivated and plot moving despite his own busy schedule.

Since Stephen would never award himself this honor, Aaron and Kristen have temporarily wrested the reins from him to say congratulations and thank you, Stephen, for your great service and dedication to our community.