Warrant Officer 1 Victor "Zane" Vossler

Name Victor "Zane" Zane Vossler

Position Communications Officer

Rank Warrant Officer 1


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04 Sep 2018 @ 6:30pm

Character Information

Nickname(s) Zane
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 165
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and lean, not athletic but fit. Zane has long features and a warm smile.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Gene Victor Vossler
Mother Sandra Michelle Bennet Vossler
Brother(s) Gene Victor Vossler Jr.
Gene Bennet "Bennet" Vossler
Gene Victor "Trey" Vossler III
Sister(s) None
Other Notable Relationships Dr. Jeremiah Rhodes, Guidance Counselor, Clinical psychiatrist (personal mentor)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zane is an intellectual, pragmatic, problem solver. His love for puzzles and riddles long overshadowed his social aptitude, resulting in a highly intelligent yet sometimes conversationally inept individual. He has a strong moral compass and is far from self-serving, but his fears of not living up to the impossible standards set by his parents sometimes lead to actions even he did not expect. Despite being even tempered and passive by nature, his aptitude for decryption, linguistic or otherwise, makes him a powerful asset to the wardroom.
Ambitions Deep down, in his heart of hearts, Zane just wants to please his parents. Recognition from them would mean far more than any award, status or accomplishment. When pressed by others he would mention his desire to further his training and his career as communications expert, but this is secondary to what really drives him.
Hobbies & Interests Zane is puzzle lover. Any kind of puzzle, brain teaser or game that hides the solution intrigues him. He enjoys reading, especially about unsolved mysteries and true crime. He is also a huge fan of chess, which he played at competition level all the way through school. Though he rarely plays over the board anymore, he will keep the edge sharp with games against the computer in his quarters.

Personal History Zane is the youngest of four sons in the Vossler family. His father was a boomer who was born on a cargo vessel and later became a skilled engineer for Starfleet. He worked tirelessly on the engines for the NX program, finally serving on the NX-04 Discovery as Chief Engineer for his final two years. Growing up, Zane knew his father in passing, visiting him on base and spending short breaks with him while he was on leave. His mother, hardened by a strained relationship and the responsibility of raising four boys, was cold and strict. She was slightly closer to Zane because he was the baby, which drew contempt from his older brothers from the beginning. Zane’s fondest memory of his mother was doing jigsaw puzzles with her. She had loved them since she was young, and she often did them upside down to make the puzzle more difficult. Zane did puzzles with her when he was very young, eventually surpassing her ability to do them upside down.

A chance encounter with an exchange student in Zane’s elementary school led to Zane’s quick study of mandarin, learning the language so that he could communicate with his new friend. Despite attempts by the school to encourage his parents to foster this talent, Zane’s family dismissed it as an unimportant skill.

Zane’s brothers all excelled in athletics, leading to athletic scholarships at big colleges. The more praise that his parents lavished on them, the more Zane drew inward. He spent a great deal of time on his computer, doing logic puzzles, or playing video games. He also became multilingual, seeing learning new languages as the ultimate puzzle.

When given an ultimatum to join an activity by his parents, he chose his school’s chess team - drawing more ridicule from his brothers. While he excelled at chess and helped the team win a national title his senior year, his parents did not attend the meet due to a conflict with one of his brothers’ events.

An interested guidance counselor was Zane’s saving grace. The counselor took special interest in him and in fostering his aptitude at problem solving. This counselor became a mentor and eventually convinced Zane to attend the state college in hopes he would become a software developer. Zane excelled in programming and linguistics, graduating with honors.

The NX program was in full swing by then, and Starfleet was heavily recruiting. Two of Zane’s brothers enlisted in Starfleet, the third enlisting in MACO. Because of this, Zane had zero interest in anything Starfleet related. He turned down multiple offers from recruiters and instead took a job at a private company.

When the details of the discoveries of NX-01 came pouring in, Zane was enraptured in the reports of alien species that the Enterprise’s crew encountered. His father was sending communication back from Discovery at this time, and his brothers were attending holidays with stories from their training that was quietly sparking an interest in Zane for exploring.

After a dinner with his old mentor, he inquired about the communications detail in Starfleet and found a supportive recruiter who convinced him to join. His skill at helping decode several projects handed down to his detail in Starfleet bolstered his reputation, earning him a warrant and a post with the communications detail aboard the NX-06 Endeavor. While not completely enthusiastic about serving aboard a starship, the excitement of the unexpected was enough to keep him there. He was instrumental in decrypting a virus that was severely affecting the Endeavor’s engines during a conflict with a previously undiscovered species early on, and successfully learned the language of another to assist the ship’s Captain in making first contact. Because of these actions and a positive service record, he was recommended for transfer to the Eagle when Endeavor came in for refit.
Service Record United Earth Starfleet HQ - Communications Officer 2154-2157
NX06 Endeavor - Cryptology Specialist/ 2157-2160