Lieutenant Junior Grade Trenton Warwick

Name Trenton Warwick Jr

Position Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade


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10 Dec 2017 @ 10:04am

Character Information

Nickname(s) Trent
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 1.95cm(6ft4in)
Weight 80.7408 kg (178lbs)
Hair Color Reddish Brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Tall man. Looks younger that he is. Thin build. Close haircut, but not super short. Gunmetal grey wire rim glasses.


Father Trenton Warwick Sr
Mother Marie Warwick
Brother(s) Princeton Warwick

Personality & Traits

General Overview Two sides to his personality.

Normally he is about a mellow of a guy that you could meet. It takes a lot to make him mad, and when mad watch out. His mellowness can be summed up in several phrases. One being "If you can't have fun, why do it." and others being "Worry about what you can change." and "Work smart, not hard."

However he can get fixated on scientific oddities, often getting tunnel vision.

He's a good friend. Striving to be "The guy that is fun, but
Ambitions See what's out there. Find what can be found
Hobbies & Interests Reading mostly. Has been known to dabble in the violin (Not great but not terrible)

Personal History Not much could be said of Trent's pre Starfleet history. He led a pretty much normal life. Born to a couple of middle class ordinary joes, Trent comes from a humble background. His dad has been a police officer and his mother was United Earth Military. Specifically the Air forces. However, Trent was content to be an artist. This was until he heard about the NX class of ship. Excited at the chance to explore the stars he put his art degree on hold and applied for his second choice of higher ed...Starfleet Academy.

Upon arrival there he was at a loss of direction for a moment. On a whim, he chose science. Turns out he loved it! As such he put 110 percent into it, becoming quite good at sorting through extraneous bullcrap to get to the heart of his work. A trait that has served him well in Starfleet. He's spent the beginnings of his career as a lab assistant attached to United Earth Headquarters before finally getting a space assignment aboard an aging Neptune class. Time went on before Trent got his dream opportunity, a berth on a NX class.

Service Record SF Academy
Science Track


Neptune class Labrador

Eagle NX 12