Lieutenant William Gallagher

Name William Ethan Gallagher

Position Weapons Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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04 Sep 2018 @ 6:30pm

Character Information

Nickname(s) Will
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 1.98 m
Weight 110 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and lean William has an athletic build, he has scaring on his left shoulder from a fight with a Nausicaan.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commodore Ethan Gallagher, Retired
Earth Starfleet
Mother Doctor Naomi Gallagher (n: Parker)
OBGYN - Seattle General Hospital
Brother(s) Major Donovan Gallagher
MACO Detachment Commander, New Berlin
Sister(s) Commander Jessica Gallagher
Chief Engineer, Aquarius (NX-09)
Other Notable Relationships Lieutenant Paul Campbell (Ex-Fiancee)
Deputy Chief Science Officer, Endeavour (NX-06)

Personality & Traits

Service Record
2148-2151 : Starfleet Academy - Weapons Program

2151-2152 : Security Officer - Starfleet Headquarters
2152-2153 : Armoury Officer / Security Detail - Intrepid

2153-2155 : Armoury Officer / Security Detail - Atlantis (NX-05)
2155-2156 : Weapons Officer - Atlantis (NX-05)

2156-2357 : Weapons Officer / Boarding Party Leader - Endeavour (NX-06)
2157-2160 : Assistant Chief Weapons Officer - Endeavour (NX-06)
2160-Pres : Assistant Chief Weapons Officer - Eagle (NX-12)