Senior Chief Petty Officer Thomas Cooper

Name Thomas Oliver Cooper

Position Operations Chief

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer


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Character Information

Nickname(s) Tom, Coop, Cooper
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hasil
Physical Description Coop stands at 5'10, athletically built, a distinctive scar traces the left side of his face crossing his eye. His short cropped hair cut is reflective of his regimented career.


Father Thomas Frank Cooper
Mother Lise Ann Cooper

Personality & Traits

General Overview In the early years Tom's attitude was very by the book.  He found very little interpretation to the orders he'd received.  He would follow them to the letter.  His intensity would come through in everything he did.  His passion for space flight clearly noticeable.

As he progressed in his career and developed as a leader he mellowed a little and his common sense took over.  Getting the job done right and by the book went hand in hand.

After the War things were different.  Pragmatism was the rule.  If it worked, that's all that mattered.  He spent years in the environment of just enough to get by.  He learned ways of doing things that were not regulation but had the same effect.  However he was skilled and experienced enough to recognize that wasn't the norm.  Sometimes doing the right thing, isn't doing the right thing.

Tom has years of Starfleet drill which at face value the Senior Chief exemplifies in the daily operation.  Behind that is the nonchalance that comes with experience and understanding what's needed and what's wanted.  It's important for him to get the job done and being reliable.  Pragmatism, Duty, Respect where due, and Loyalty sums him up.

Personal History Thomas Oliver Cooper, was born in Munich, shortly after his birth however his family moved to San Fransisco.  His parents were accomplished Warp theorists and had been recruited to work  for Starfleet, eventually they would contribute and develop parts of the NX program.

Tom's early years were very traditional.  He attended school, played after school sports and spent time with friends.  That changed when he was in his early teenage years.  His parents arranged to get him a low access clearance to the Warp complex they worked in.  When he first saw the uniformed men and women of Starfleet and their incredible Starships, all too suddenly Tom was aware of a much larger world.  A much larger universe.  His parents had arranged a short Warp flight to show Tom exactly what it is they did.  That flight was the stuff of legends to Tom.  He was fixated on the 'Pilot' later finding out that was intact a Helmsman.  The man that controlled the ship.  He knew then and there that's what he'd do.  That's where he'd be.

Tom enlisted in Starfleet at seventeen. Joining Starfleet was like coming home.  The routine, structure, drill and design of basic training had an odd comfort to it.  Sure it was physically and mentally demanding but it was fun.  It felt good.  He could tell this was exactly where he was meant to be.  Tom wanted to fly, he posted to every Helmsman position he could.  He quickly found out that's not how it worked.  He needed some experience, space time and a lot more training.

His first assignment was working in the Warp theory complex his parents worked in as a non-rate apprentice involved in daily operations mainly unskilled work.  After several months he obtained transfer to the SS Adder as a non-rate Crewman.  On the Adder is where Tom really learned about ship operations.  He quickly fell in line and adopted the daily ship born routine.  Being a smaller ship eventually he was rated and trained as a Helmsman and flew the Adder among the stars.  Tom always looked back on his time aboard the Adder as the most carefree days of his life.

He returned to Earth after a few years in space and was admitted to A-School in shipboard operations. Upon graduating, and after a few months leave, he shipped out on the SS Reliant as a newly rated Bosn's mate.  His experience in navigation and helm operation served him well here.  Tom spent over a decade on the Reliant.  It was a multi purpose craft capable of up to Warp 1.8.   Here is where he met Chief Jones, his mentor, whom introduced him to the wider world of leadership.  He bounced around the department, learning the in's and out's of operations.

Tom really distinguished himself on the Reliant.  As the vessel was multi-purpose there was the occasional away mission.  He was rated and trained on firearms, led smaller operation groups off ship on various stations, and smaller planet outposts.  The Reliant even had to fight off raiders. As Tom grew as a leader, he took on more and more responsibility on the Reliant he spent more time with Chief Jones and the First Lieutenant.  He took on a post as an Operations Specialist and over time the Lead Operation Specialist.   Eventually he was rated as a Deck Officer.  He would occasionally stand watch on night rotation, those were the best nights in Tom's opinion.

After a decade among the stars Tom went back to Starfleet for additional training at a C-School in shipboard operations.   He would not return to the Reliant.  Instead he took a posting at Boot Camp as an instructor at the recommendation of his C.O backed by Chief Jones.  It was a break from space life.  It gave him a different perspective.  This was a big shift in Tom's career.  He had made it to Chief.  Every where he went he had the respect due to a Senior NCO, and he was reminded of it daily in Boot.  Very different on the other side.

Tom eventually longed to get back out into space, one of the newer crafts, the SS Apollo had just finished completion a Warp 2 capable vessel.  It was part of the newer multi-purposed crafts some of the vessels made just prior to the first NX Starship.  The executive officer was the former operations officer of the Reliant.  He transferred into the Apollo as First Lieutenant.

The Apollo spent the majority of it's time in the expanses between Sol and Alpha Centauri mapping out regions.  It was a longer distance surveying craft.  It was a quieter few years for Tom.

All that changed with the Xindi event.  In 2153 after the attack on Earth by the Xindi, Starfleet recalled the Apollo.  It regained Earth in early 2154.  The Apollo was to be refit with more armaments however was listed for refit in 6 months.  During that time Starfleet had just finished the refit of the SS Intrepid.  The majority of the crew transferred in to that vessel.

Tom's years on the Intrepid were certainly action packed.  As a starship on war alert it was a different pace for Tom.  Just as quickly as the routine changed, he adapted.  The Intrepid had a long war.  For Tom it was a long war. The Intrepid was at the forefront of the Romulan and Xindi conflict.  Over time Tom proved himself to be one of the most reliable combat NCO's.  He was rated a Deck Officer and took watch along with the Senior NCO's.  He was almost mortally wounded during the Battle of Sol.  He gained the scar that etches the side of his face that day.  Encounters with the Romulans took it's toll on both the Intrepid and on Tom.  War with the Romulans had changed him.

In 2159 the Intrepid was involved in an ambush by the Romulans regrettably it's Captain was killed.  It had to be towed back to dry dock.  Starfleet decommissioned the Intrepid after suffering extensive damage with intention to be replaced by an NX class with it's name in 2161.  He took an assignment at Starfleet Headquarters in the interim as an Instruction Chief for the operations school.  At the time he was on the roster for the new NX Intrepid, and had been operating under the assumption he would ship out in a few years.  He was surprised to find out that instead he'd been reassigned to the NX Eagle.
Service Record 2135-2135 - Starfleet Basic Training Facility - Crewman Recruit - Recruit
2135-2136 - Warp Theory Complex - Crewman Apprentice - Apprentice
2136-2136 - S.S. Adder - Crewman - Non Rate Crewman
2136-2138 - S.S. Adder - Crewman - Helmsman
2138-2140 - S.S. Reliant - Petty Officer Third Class - Boatswains Mate
2140-2144 - S.S. Reliant - Petty Officer Second Class - Boatswains Mate
2144-2148 - S.S. Reliant - Petty Officer First Class - Lead Boatswains Mate
2148-2150 - Starfleet Boot Camp - Chief Petty Officer - Instructor
2150-2154 - S.S. Apollo - Chief Petty Officer - First Lieutenant
2154-2159 - S.S. Intrepid - Senior Chief Petty Officer - Operations Chief
2159-2160 - Starfleet Command - Senior Chief Petty Officer - Chief Instructor
2160 - Present - S.S. Eagle - Senior Chief Petty Officer - Operations Chief