Petty Officer First Class Piper Williams

Name Piper Michelle Williams

Position Damage Control Lead Petty Officer

Rank Petty Officer First Class


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Character Information

Nickname(s) Pip
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1
Weight 120
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Cute more than pretty seems to describe Piper - Her skin is a light pale, and a spattering of freckles gives her the look of a light irish, along with the green eyes and shoulder-length auburn hair. She has the lean figure of a runner, but has the raw muscle tone of someone who's worked hard for thier entire life. Her smile is quick and mischievous, and her oft heard laughter is infectious. When on-duty, her uniform is usually tidey, but often it's smudged somewhere due to her labor and it wouldn't be unusual for grease or grit to be spotted on hands or face. Piper has a long sinuous and ragged scar that radiates from her right shoulder, across her back to her right hip which was caused by a plasma burn received while working for her father's company.


Spouse None.
Children None.
Father Andrew Williams
Mother Samantha Williams (deceased)
Brother(s) Andrew Williams
Cedric Williams
Carter Williams
Bryan Williams
Sister(s) None.
Other Notable Relationships None.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A sweet disposition mixed with a firey temper make Piper quite a handful at times. Her oft displayed carefree attitude belies the innocence she tries hard to hide. Despite her youth and innocence, however, Piper shows great cunning and intelligence in her actions, as well as a great resourcefulness in times of need. She works very well with others, despite her rather rough-neck upbringing and lack of a more formal education prior to joining StarFleet.


Piper can be a stubborn as they come, often times chosing her own way to complete a task over the more standard and uniform practices. She is learned in her craft, and has very little difficulty conversing in technical jargon with her peers. As such, she's a bit rough around the edges as the fairer sex would be considered, and often thinks of herself as "one of the guys" more often than not. When it comes to work, Piper has a notorious problem with letting things go, and often insists on taking care of projects herself especially if something she perceives is not being done properly.

Due to Piper's isolated youth, she picked up a fair bit of habits associated with superstition. Before entering through a hatch, she would rap three times on the frame, or refusing the acknowledge the number 'thirteen'.

Personal History Being the only girl in a family of six can be quite the experience growing up, but if you ask Piper Williams, nothing seemed more normal. The youngest of five, Piper was never lacking for a playmate or guardian throughout her childhood, and her brothers often treated her like one of the guys. Andrew Williams, a hard working man, owned and operated a space salvage company, and raised all five children by himself after his wife Samantha died shortly after Piper's birth. The company itself took derelict craft of debris for salvage and made a fair trade through repairs as well. A gruff man, often described as rough around the edges, Andrew had little experience dealing with little girls and raised Piper as one of the boys for most of her life. Having owned his own business, he often had all of his children work for him in one capacity or another, and Piper was no exception. When they were younger they would run the small errands as well as do most of the clerical filing and office work. As they grew older, they went out with their father to do some of the rigging and actual salvage work. To Piper, that was the ultimate goal and reason for her to grow up, and she as viciously jealous of all her siblings because each one got to go out with their father ages before she was able.

Soon, however, it became Piper's turn to go out with her father and work side by side with her older brothers. Almost immediately the girl found out she had a knack for the business. Slim and short, she found it easy to slip into smaller spaces and seek out the hidden stores. The family worked very nicely for many years until Piper began getting interested in StarFleet. There were of course numerous advertisements about recruiting, and with Piper they did their job. Curious, the now eighteen year-old Piper ventured out to speak to a recruiter about the possibilities within the StarFleet. Without an extensive and formal education, she could no more go for Academy than a penguin could fly, but she was more interested in enlistment anyway. Officers sounded too hoochy-coochy for her tastes. And so it happened, Piper signed up and was shipped off for Basic Recruit Training (BRT). Her father and brothers saw her off, each with a tear in their eye and Piper did not hold back her own tears. She was leaving the five people she loved deerly for a great unknown. But somehow, it just seemed right for Piper to leave.

The physical aspect of BRT was a cake walk to Piper, having done physical labor for almost all of her early years. Unfortunately, when it came to acadamia, she was held back by some small discipline issues, and some gaps in her regular education. While she was a good worker and a competant team player, she had little regard for uniform policies or superiors. Used to having her way at home, Piper was young and brash and had difficulty adjusting to a more structured and militaristic life. It took a bit of work on her part, and the tutelage of an engaged Instructor, but Piper eventually steadied herself into the being an enlisted Fleetie. Ultimately, Piper was able to graduate BRT with most of her minor issues behind her, and found herself as a Crewman Apprentice and was shipped out for her first tour of duty aboard the SS Stormhammer. On the Stormhammer, Piper was assigned to the Engineering department, and found herself into the role of Damage Control. Though not yet rated, she was an apt pupil and often impressed her leads with her "left field" ingenuity when it came to swift repairs. Having spent a great deal of her youth climbing through abandonned hulks and taking things apart, Piper found the aptitude to put things back together just as easy. While her technical skills shone, her previous issues surfaced from time to time; a flippant attitude and a pinch of arrogance muddied her record.

After her first tour, Piper received orders for "A" School. "A" School was a bit easier than BRT for Piper. She had a path set before her, and she had a clear aptitude towards systems repair, diagnostics and recovery due to her youthful adventures in her family's business. Her studies centered heavily around Engineering, and it's correlation with Operations divisions, and Piper remained with a keen interest in Damage Control. The DC rating would allow her to put her ingenuity to the test when it came to repair work, as well as use the many useful skills she had acquired from times past. "A" School certainly gave Piper a fine overview of the primary duties of a DC, and bridged many gaps that remained between her basic studies and the new information. After graduation, she felt she was certainly ready to take on her own role and was excited to get started on her next duty station.

Surprisingly enough, the young woman found herself stationed back onboard the SS Stormhammer once again. It seemed like time had not passed all that much on the vessel, and the same familiar faces welcomed her back. As a DC3, she was afforded some new opportunities and duties, which allowed her to take on more ornery tasks and develop some leadership skills. While she wasn't keen on being the one in the spotlight, Piper did not mind teaching the non-rates under her about the finer points of damage control. She quite found her niche in the whole game by being as petite as she was, and was able to get herself into crawlspaces between bulkheads and hulls in order to affect repairs and maintenance.

Several years passed as Piper remained comfortable in her position. As time went on, she grew more responsible and level-headed, though she retained a great deal of her fiery cheek; it was just kept better in check. Her raising helped her considerably as she got along well with most others she worked with, especially in confined spaces. When it came time, Piper gave little thought into re-upping and did so nearly offhandedly. After all, what else was she going to do with herself? Though she knew she could always return to her father's business, she'd began to make a life of her own and now had her own career to think on. Besides, her brothers would surely be more than able to take care of the business as her father aged. As the years spun by, Piper began to long take on further responsibilities as her superiors piled them on. She had become known as a handy individual among her peers, and had enjoyed taking on the Instructor's role when the times came.

As she had spent a great length of her service period on board one vessel, it seemed almost bittersweet when orders came down that she was to be transferred to the Eagle NX-12. She was a bit reluctant to transfer, having become so comfortable with her standing on board the Stormhammer, and having eventually earned a bit of respect from the Officers over her. She was wary of starting a new assignment with new people, however it was the natural progression of things.
Service Record 2150 - Enlistment. Entrance and subsequent graduation from SFBRT. Upon graduation, promoted to CA.
2151 - Received orders for SS Stormhammer, first tour of duty, assigned to Engineering, Damage Control.
2152 - Received orders for "A" School. Upon completion of "A" School, promoted to DC3.
2152 - Received orders to SS Stormhammer, second tour of duty. Assigned to Engineering, Damage Control.
2157 - Re-upped. Promoted to DC2 after board completion.
2160 - Received orders for transfer to the Eagle NX-12