Lieutenant Junior Grade Ane Sedu

Name Ane Sedu

Position Assistant Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade


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20 Mar 2017 @ 10:03am

Character Information

Nickname(s) An
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3
Weight 135
Hair Color brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description She is smaller than most humans. She has a runnerish stature, from lots of running as a child and playing. When not in uniform she wear brightly colored shirts and accessories. She wears a necklace under her uniform and it contains a small piece of rock that an old friend of her gave.


Father Chen Sedu - Deceased
Mother Nata Sedu - Deceased
Other Notable Relationships Jason Daniels - best friend in the Academy and on earth before she moved

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ane is a little spit fire, very hot headed and easy to set off. Though as time went on in the academy she was able to slow herself down to not kill anyone who walks by her. She loves to make friends and the few who stick around are very close to her.
Ambitions to travel the world and explore the different types of culture and people
Hobbies & Interests Loves to draw and find new types of music. Loves to try and learn new things especially about people and their culture. She loves to read and has loads of books on her PADD.

Personal History Ane was born in 2127 and raised in New york city by her parents until she was at the age of ten. Her parents wanted a good life for her. To explore different ways of life and to choose which path she went on. About a month after her tenth birthday her tenth birthday, she had gotten called away from class to her Uncle Hiaku coming to get her. During the drive over there her uncle told Ane that he parents have died in an apartment fire. To her young brain it did not really click until they drove up and Ane saw the entire building engulfed in flames and service crew trying to put it out. Ane was devastated after seeing that Ane cried for days on end before she could be consoled. During those days her Aunt and Uncle adopted her and moved her away to the other side of the states to a small city called Salem, Oregon.

This sparked a living hell for Ane, she now saw why her father and mother did not like the pair of siblings and why they stayed away. So controlling on what she could and could not do. Ane was miserable and needed a way out. And she found it. By the age of 18 she moved out and joined Starfleet, much to her uncle's hate who wanted her to stay and marry some rich man.

She was in Starfleet for four years studying operations. Mostly operations on how the helm worked, navigation worked and so forth. Things to keep the ship up and running smoothly. It was fun for her. She met her best friend and almost brother like figure in the academy. After the graduation her and Jason (Brother like figured) were forced to go separate ways. Though she voiced chatted him at least once a week and kept in touch through the days when she could.

After Graduating she was assigned to the Hermes. Not only was she excited for that, she was excited it was named after one of her favorite greek myths. After a year there she was transferred to the Eagle.

Service Record 2160 - Present: Lieutenant Junior Grade, Eagle, Assistant Operations Officer
2159 - 2160: Ensign, Hermes, Operations Officer
2155 - 2159: Midshipman , StarFleet Academy, Operations/Engineering