Warrant Officer 1 Quentin Hollis

Name Quentin Hollis PhD

Position Communications Officer

Rank Warrant Officer 1


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26 Oct 2016 @ 7:27pm

Character Information

Nickname(s) Q., Professor
Gender Male
Species Terran
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 170
Hair Color Brown (Greying)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall and thin. Wiry. Hollis has spent most of his life in academia and it's quite apparent. Pale, Hollis has spent far more time indoors than out. He spent most of his life wearing glasses before having corrective surgery prior to launch of the Eagle.


Spouse his work
Children his publications
Father John Hollis - computer programmer
Mother Melanie Hollis - Doctor, world traveller with Doctors Sans Frontieres
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dr. Quentin Hollis was born in Mali. His mother, a world renowned physician and educator, had been there on assignment working to contain a prolonged outbreak of Ebola. Local infrastructure had broken down and Dr. Melanie Hollis and her team were stuck there months longer than expected. Quentin was born with the help of some of the world's most skilled emergency medical professionals and Malian midwives. Quentin was born healthy, and remained so.

The only child of Dr. Melanie Hollis and computer programmer John Hollis Quentin was blessed with attention, love, and encouragement. Quentin excelled academically and frequently accompanied his mother in her travels worldwide.

During the course of these travels it became apparent Quentin had a real gift for linguistics. Using skills intuited from his father's work with databases, Quentin had developed his own linguistic corpora by the age of 16. Phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics... these were the building blocks of a lifelong fascination with language, the way it develops, and the uses of it.

Quentin earned his undergraduate degree at Columbia University - taking classes concurrently at NYU, The New School. CUNY, and studying abroad. He earned his Masters at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and his Doctorate at the University of Oxford.

Dr. Hollis became first an associate professor at Hankuk University (Korea) and then a full professor teaching at Waseda University (Japan), UCLA and MIT before leaving taking extended sabbatical to return to Mali where he studied French, Bambara, Bomu, Tieyaxo Bozo, Toro So Dogon, Maasina Fulfulde, Hassaniya Arabic, Mamara Senoufo, Kita, Maninkakan, Soninke, Koyraboro Senni, Syenara Senoufo, Tamasheq, Xaasongaxango, and the way they interpolate in a mixed population. It was then that he was approached by Starfleet recruitment and offered the opportunity to study languages off-world.

His love of travel and experiencing new culture and challenge had never waivered.

He was processed through Starfleet's Accelerated Placement program, taking into account his established skillset and worth to the mission, he was awarded the rank of Warrant Officer and position as Communication Officer aboard the Eagle.
Ambitions Hollis has spent a lifetime riding the tides and enjoying the ride. He has a thirst for knowledge and experience and his father's analytical mind. But he has also inherited from his mother a focus on the moment he is in and the present circumstance. Hollis wants to squeeze every drop out of life. But he has no greater ambitions.
Hobbies & Interests Language
Adding to his corpora
Study of how exoplanetary language relates to terrestrial languages (he's certain they do)
Film (another way to experience language)

Personal History see above
Service Record Columbia University (studying concurrently at NYU, The New School. CUNY, and abroad) - Undergraduate Degree
The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Masters Degree
University of Oxford - Doctorate
Hankuk University (Korea) - Associate Professor
Waseda University (Japan) - Professor
UCLA - Professor
MIT - Professor
Extended Sabbatical to Mali to study interpolation of African languages in native populations
Starfleet Accelerated Placement - Warrant Officer
Eagle - Warrant Officer, Communications Officer