Ensign Cong Fàn

Name Cong Fàn

Position Science Officer

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Nickname(s) Bee or Fan
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 9”
Weight 158 lbs
Hair Color Ebon Black with Dark chocolate brown highlights
Eye Color Dark coco brown with flecks of ebony and deep emerald
Physical Description Dr. Fàn is surprisingly fit and for a person dedicated to science. His years of practicing martial arts in the Chinese tradition have chiseled his physique. Long has a beard that he keeps a well-trimmed all the time covering a scar he received as a child during a competition. On his left leg is a birthmark that extends on the upper thigh towards his hip.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Fàn, Déwei
Mother Fàn, Mei (Deceased)
Brother(s) Fàn, Shing
Sister(s) None
Other Notable Relationships None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dr. Fàn is a reserved and unassuming person. He will often choose to sit by himself even when others are around though if approached he is open and friendly. In general he attempts to blend in with the social woodwork and is often successful unless someone can get him talking about martial arts, music, or science, and nearly any aspect of it will do. Once someone knows the scientist better he takes on a more open and extroverted approach and can even become the life of a party once he feels comfortable with its participants.

Cong is a perfectionist and has trouble with anything less than his absolute best. He also expects a similar amount of effort from those he works with. His labs are always neat and spotless and his records are meticulously kept keeping his work unquestionable in their accuracy.

His love for science is obvious because of his enthusiasm for the any sort of research and study. Though his love fall in the area of astrophysics and astronomic where you can find him almost always doing some sort of research in this area. Botany is another area he find extremely interesting and the promise it holds in providing for the nutritional needs of those involved in space travel.

Strengths & Weaknesses
+ Highly Intelligent:
+ Organized: Dr. Fan, if anything, is highly organized, neat and meticulous about his work and life.
+ Serious: Cong doesn’t put up with any horse play in his labs. He tries to hold
+ Determined:

- Perfectionist: Cong is extreme in his struggle to reach absolute perfection. He often feels that his work is less than admirable even though it is thorough, well thought out, well documented and accurate.

- Controlling: Not only does he hold himself to an almost impossible standard he attempts to hold others to the same level of perfection.

- Workaholic: It is not uncommon for Cong to be working well passed his duty shift. Most of the time this is not so much of an issue though there have been times when he has had to be ordered to eat and/or sleep because he hasn’t done so for a long time.

- Strong Willed: The scientist struggles letting go of something once he gets started working on it.

- Self Critical: Cong has a hard time accepting praise or even considering he does better than average work. He has been known to put in long hours and tedious work to resolve a scientific mystery and then when he has found it feel it should have taken less time to resolve it. This is primarily because his adoptive father was slow to give any praise and when praise was given it was often addressed to someone else.
Ambitions Cong would like someday command a starship dedicated to scientific research. He would like to be remembered for making a significant contribution to the scientific knowledge that may be used for the betterment of all.

Of course he would eventually like to be married and have children. This would make both his adoptive parents very happy though at the beginning of a career in Starfleet it would seem to be that goal is in the distant future.

Another goal, though he realizes it is a quite a long shot, is to be considered one of the top martial artists in the disciplines he practices. Though he has always practiced hard and has won and placed well in competition he has never been considered close to even the top ten.
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts: Cong learned martial arts from an early age from his step farther. His adoptive father was considered a exceptional master of various schools of Chinese martial arts. These included Shaolin Kung Fu, Bafaquan, Wuzuquan and Choy Gar, all mixed with heft dose of the Israeli martial art Krav Maga to quicken, defend against multiple attackers and make form a unique style.

Bonsai: :The practice and art of growing Bonsai or tiny trees was a discipline he learned from his father and still enjoys. His favorites are those trees that produce an eatable fruit such as Cherrie, apple and lemon trees.

Botany: : Thanks to his parents, Cong has developed a love of plants and an interest in Airponics and aquaponics. He often will contemplate ways in which fresh fruits, vegetables and fish as a sustainable food source for space exploration and colonization.

Music: :Cong is a skilled flautist though not with the traditional European style of instrument favored by orchestras. He plays the Xiao, a traditional Chinese flute and is proficient enough that people enjoy hearing him play though he would never admit to it.

Personal History Little Bee
On April 7, 2136, Cong and his brother Shing made their debut on the Human homeworld, Earth. Their parents never thought they would have children though they had tried for many years. Now, in their retirement years, the pair finally saw their dream come true.

Shing was first to appear, a whole two minutes and three seconds before Cong. They were anything but similar and from their birth it was quite apparent who was the more aggressive and most curious of the two. Shing was larger, and harrier than then Cong and Déwei instantly took a liking to the eldest and that favoritism continued throughout their maturing years.

Cong was the more reserved and less aggressive than his brother, something his father saw as a serious fault. He was more mentally engaged in the world around him curious about everything while Shing was more interested in his physical impact on the world around him.
Déwei was a master or Shīmǔ (Simo) 師母 had been teaching his version of martial arts for some time before officially retiring from the military. His training included various forms of Kong Fu and the Israeli martial art known as Krav Maga. From these various schools he perfected his own style Both his sons were trained under him and spent many hours under his tutelage in his gwoon or martial arts school. He wanted both his sons to follow in his path opening up their own training schools and take their places in the military.

By the time his sons were six they both were involved were practicing bonsai, had begun taking music lessons and could write characters in the ancient Chinese language. Cong was learning the names of the stars with his mother and began developing his desire to be in space among the bright points of light.

When he was seven he was part of his first Wushu or martial arts tournament. His brother, Shing, won first place beating him in the final contest. This would be the first of many Wushu competitions he would end up being in second place behind his brother and having to face is father for his defeat.

Each time Cong would lose he would practice for hours under the watchful eye of his father correcting whatever weakness Déwei felt he had. This would make a lasting impression on him that would affect the rest of his life.

Through his mother’s urgings he started to work at the nearby stellar observatory at the age of thirteen. He began learning about astrophysics and a taste of what Astrometrics was about. When he reached high school he began taking college level classes preparing him for the career he already knew he wanted, a Science Officer in Strarfleet. This was not the career his father had hoped for his son but at least it was in the military and not a civilian career.

By the time he was eligible for the exam to enter the academy he already had a lower college degree in astrophysics. His father had all but disowned him because it seemed he was walking away from all his father was teaching him regardless of the fact that he was still practicing and studying his father’s martial arts for at least four hours a day. Cong was still participating in Wushu competitions and winning, though his brother had moved on to higher levels of competition.

In his eighteenth year con was invited to the United earth Wushu Competition to be held in norther China. Cong invited his father to come and see him compete but Déwei refused to attend. Cong understood his father’s decision was not because of his increasing age but because of his dislike for his younger son. In spite of this Cong participated and won overall. As his reward he took with him the prize of a Wodao, a traditional Chinese sword crafted in the nineteenth century. Cong tried to give the weapon to his father. At present the sword is in his father’s custody but he refused to accept the offered gift.

In 2154 Cong began his Cadet Training in the Academy and did exceptionally well with his classes taking an double major in Astrophysics and Astrometrics. He studied hard and although he reduced his practice of martial arts to two hours a day he did not stop practicing.

At the end of his Academy experience the new cadet had been given a first placement on the Columbia. Cong’s experience aboard the starship was his first taste of life as an officer and he impressed his superiors with his diligence and knowledge. In January of 2160 the Columbia was sent for a refit and he was transferred to the Eagle.
Service Record 2154 Cadet, Entered Starfleet Academy, Earth, San Francisco
2158 Cadet, Science Officer, Columbia (NX-02)
2160 Ensign, Science Officer, Eagle (NX-12)