Commander Stefan Odegaard

Name Stefan Anton Odegaard

Position Weapons Officer

Second Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander


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19 Mar 2017 @ 6:18pm

Character Information

Nickname(s) Odie
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 200lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Stefan is fairly tall with an average build. He has several tattoos on his body with a sleeve on his left arm and a couple of tattoos on his chest.


Father Captain Lukas Odegaard - United Earth Starfleet
Mother Doctor Helga Odegaard - Senior Lecturer, Criminology Department, University of Oslo
Brother(s) Ensign Petr Odegaard - United Earth Starfleet
Sister(s) Lieutenant Marie Odegaard - United Earth Starfleet
Other Notable Relationships Captain Elizabeth Keane - Aunt, Captain of Earth Starfleet Vessel the Eclipse

Personality & Traits

General Overview Stefan is a highly devoted individual and is extremely loyal to his shipmates. This means that he takes his job very seriously and often puts others safety before himself.

He isn't afraid to speak his mind if he feels it is necessary and voice his opinion regardless of of it is required or not.
Ambitions His biggest ambition is to have a Command of his one within Earth Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Stefan is a huge fan of Earth History, often visiting the University of Oslo as a child and taking additional courses at the Academy.

He also is a big fan of Ice Hockey and Soccer.

Personal History Stefan was born October 12th 2127 in Oslo Norway. Spending the formative years of his childhood in his family home as the eldest of three siblings.

His father was a serving Officer in the fledgling United Earth Starfleet and he would take any opportunity to visit San Fransisco and Starfleet Command with his Father, this is where he developed an interest in becoming part of the organisation.

When he was old enough he applied to Starfleet Academy with sponsorship from his father and Aunt. Taking Classes in Weapons Systems and History. He captained the Academy Ice Hockey team and formed a band 'Plasma Charge'.

Upon graduation from the Academy he was selected for Duty on the Earth Vessel, Resolute. As a Junior Weapons Officer he was part of a small Crew responsible for security and protection. He served with distinction before a transfer.

He transferred to the Eclipse and served under the Command of his Aunt, on an exploration mission to chart the vast reaches of Space. He became the acting Assistant Weapons Officers when several of the Crew were infected with an unknown Alien Fungus. He was promoted just afterwards and took the position full time.

His skills in understanding Phase Weapons and Plasma Weapons earned him a move to the Gagarin as her Weapons Officer. The small Earth Vessel came under attack from unknown Pirates later revealed to be Orions. Stefan was injured in the attack and shipped back to Starfleet Medical for treatment.

Once his stint with the Gagarin was up following his recuperation, he was moved to Starfleet Academy as an Instructor with another Promotion. He earned a bit of a reputation as a hard ass, but took the job seriously to prepare the future generations in space.

He is currently awaiting transfer to the NX Class Vessel, Eagle.