Commander Caelus Areca

Name Caelus Areca

Position Operations Officer

Second Position Senior Watch Officer

Rank Commander

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 182 lbs.
Hair Color Dusty Blonde
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description Caelus keeps his strength up and his body within what he believes makes sense for Starfleet regulatory procedures. His beard is well-trimmed, his skin free of blemishes, and his eyes full of the vigor he had when he first graduated Academy.


Father Horatio Areca
Mother Lilly Areca
Brother(s) Martin Areca
Heath Areca

Personality & Traits

General Overview Caelus is a fun-loving, laid back individual, who enjoys indulging himself through food and partying. He's a friendly, sociable type known for taking a pacifistic and easy-talking approach to most solutions. He is always seen attempting to make a new friend, or working out differences amongst his crewmates in a manner most suited toward a positive working relationship.

He's far from a lazy worker. Being so laid back and friendly allows him to view things from every angle. He solves problems with greater ease, tries to compromise situations in front of him with all parties in mind, and refuses to back down from something simply because someone said 'no.' There are solutions to every problem, and he will go above and beyond to find them.
Ambitions With his current career track, he truly desires his own starship, but is content to spend the allotted amount of time to do so. He knows he has a long way to go on that path.
Hobbies & Interests Food, especially pastries, envelop most of his time and energy. He loves baking, and knows sweets bring joy to most everyone's lives.

Personal History Caelus was the middle of three children, born to Latin researcher, Lilly Areca, and scientist, Horatio Areca, while the family was on a trip to 'some tropical vacation land.' Horatio insisted the child be named something suitably 'vague and nerdy.'

The Areca parents were known for their travels throughout the world, which did not change when they established their family. Each of the three sons were taught via homeschooling that included the reading of classics and researching subjects of intellectual interest. Caelus took an avid interest in the stars, yearning to explore the reaches of space and become someone future children learned about in their history books. When he inevitably learned of Starfleet and what it offered, Caelus insisted from his parents that he was allowed to join up. They conceeded to the idea, but not before insisting he study the requisite materials.

During his studies, a tragedy would strike the family. When Caelus turned eighteen, his father was diagnosed with a form of Iverson's Disease, halting both family travels and Caelus' dreams of joining Starfleet. The Areca family would make the hard decision to settle down and allow Horatio to heal, or make attempts to. When affairs were in order, Caelus made the decision to honor his agreement with his parents, and join Starfleet.

Initializing further history
Service Record 2149 - 2153 - Starfleet Academy, Engineering and Command Specialties
2154, Ensign, Junior Communications Officer, Icarus (NX-??)
2154-2156, Ensign, Computer Systems Officer, Icarus (NX-??)
2156-2158, Lieutenant, Assistant Operations Officer, Icarus (NX-??)
2158-2160, Lieutenant Commander, Operations Officer, Icarus (NX-??)
2160, Lieutenant Commander, Operations Officer, Eagle (NX-12)