Commander Celina Chambers

Name Celina Chambers

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Celina is a tall and slim woman. She wears her hair in a pony tail or a nice up do while on duty, but likes to dress comfortable and let her mid back length light brown hair down when she is off duty.


Spouse Dr. Robert Chambers (Desceased)
Children Cadet Jessica Chambers - Starfleet Academy
Father Dr. Aaron Moore (Desceased)
Mother Ashley Moore (Desceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Celina is a very sweet and caring person. She has a motherly instinct and watches out for the crew stationed under her. A very loyal officer she is sometimes a little strict and shows tough love, but it's only because she cares for people and her children. Jessica and Robert Junior are Celina's pride and joy along with the Eagle and her crew.
Ambitions To continue the mission of the USS Eagle and to be a good friend and most importantly mother.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking, reading, art, wine, music, working out.

Personal History Celina had a typical childhood or as typical as an only child born to two physicians could have. Her parents worked a lot and Celina was raised mostly by her nanny. She excelled in her studies while in school and had several friends that she liked to spend her free time with.

In high school Celina fell madly in love with a boy who ended up cheating on her and broke her heart. For quite sometime she because some what of a recluse, giving up her cheerleading and hardly seeing any of her friends. It was at this time that her mother and father took a few weeks off and took her on a vacation to the moon. It was on this trip that she knew she wanted to explore the stars.

At the first opportunity she enrolled in Starfleet Training Command where she trained in the basic courses with an expertise in medicine. She thought she might as well follow in her mother and fathers foot steps. Shortly after graduating medical school Celina met and feel in love with her mentor, Doctor Robert Chambers. She would be assigned as a resident under his lead for the next two years. Doctor Chambers, was a well known surgeon back in Texas.

Robert always encouraged Celina to follow her dreams and explore the stars. She did follow her dreams and requested to be part of one of the crews of the new Sarajevo Class ships that were being launched. Celina would spend the next four year as a Medical officer and eventually Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the Sarajevo Class ship Miljacka. Eventually the doctor would be transferred aboard the Constellation (NX 04) as Assistant Chief Medical Officer. After two years at space and a promotion for Celina to Chief Medical Officer the crew of the Constellation were given a long break while the ship had some repairs it was this time Celina and Robert had a great deal of time to rekindle their relation ship. On this break the couple had their one and only child.

Celina took a six months off to be with her daughter, but it wasn't long before she was back among the stars. This time she had completed a command course at the academy and was sent out as an Executive Officer aboard the Endeavor (NX - 06) . That would be Celina's assignment for the next two year's and would become her favorite assignment thus far. She didn't mind being among the stars while her husband raised their daughter.

Celina again took a break from her career when her husband became ill. Their daughter had started her Starfleet careers, by following her foot steps and enrolling in Starfleet Training Command. Only weeks after Celina was given leave her husband passed away. She then decided she would devote most of her life to Starfleet now, her daughter would have people looking out for her and she was assigned to the Eagle.
Service Record 2140 - 2144 - Starfleet Training Command - Basic Courses
2144 - 2148 - Starfleet Training Command - Medical
2148 - 2150 - Residency under Dr. Robert Chambers - Texas, USA, Earth
2150 - 2154 - Medical Officer/Assistant Chief Medical Officer - Miljacka Sarajevo Class Star Ship
2154 - 2156 - Assistant/Chief Medical Officer - Constellation (NX-04)
2156 - 2160 - Executive Officer - Endeavour (NX-06)
2160 - Present - Executive Officer - Eagle (NX-12)