Zan K'ristun R'aer

Name K'ristun R'aer

Position Science Officer

Rank Zan


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06 Jun 2018 @ 9:13am

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 113 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description K'ristun could easily be mistaken for a human, save for markings on her neck, a slight point to her ears...and a leonine tail. K'ristun's form is slender, athletic, but still pleasantly curved. She has fair, clear skin, an open face with a usually ready smile, and past shoulder length hair that she usually wears in a loose pony tail.


Spouse None
Children None
Father P'ter R'eur
Mother Eanna R'eur
Brother(s) Rica R'eur
T'Ala R'eur
Sister(s) Ara R'eur (twin sister)

Personality & Traits

General Overview K'ristun could be said to be living embodiment of the word 'perky.' And occasionally the words 'enthusiastic' and 'naive,' particularly when it comes to non-Caitians. A product of rural upbringing and academic isolation, K'ristun joined the Caitian space exploration force for the primary purpose of meeting and interacting with non-Caitians, which is why she jumped at the chance to serve as an exchange officer to the United Earth Starfleet.
Ambitions To expand her own academic achievements, and to explore the galaxy around her.
Hobbies & Interests Gabijyana -- A Caitian dance style that combines ballet, acrobatics, martial arts and a simulated hunt. Professional Gabijyana performers are highly regarded
Non-Caitian games -- When Earth and Cait began exchanging cultural information, K'ristun became fascinated with the game of Go, and consistently beats the computer program she used to learn the game

Personal History One of the first species the fledgling Caitian warp capable ships met were the Vulcans, in approximately 2012 CE (Terran calendar). At the time, the Vulcan High Command was looking for potential allies in their Cold War with the Andorians. The Caitians, though, were more interested in trade and exploration then becoming involved in a (relatively) distant war involving species and issues the Caitians had no interest in or animosity towards. The Caitians and Vulcans did share an interest in monitoring the Tholian Assembly, though the latter's pursuit of an isolationist attitude toward the rest of the galaxy made this a limited interchange between the Caitians and the Vulcans.

K'ristun grew up in a rural district of Cait, where visitations by non-Caitians were limited, usually to educational institutions. Nonetheless, K'ristun looked forward to the days when a Vulcan or Rigellian would come visit her school.

Even by Caitian standards, K'ristun's childhood could be considered idyllic. Her parents taught at the local equivalent of a junior college, and the family lived on their clan's ranch (dedicated to raising a local herd animal). Both K'ristun and her twin sister excelled in Gabijyana (and her sister would eventually become a member of a professional Gabijyana company). K'ristun's first love, though, would be mathematics.

On her fifteenth birthday, K'ristun would enter one of Cait's premiere academic institutions, and by her twentieth birthday, she would graduate with the Caitian equivalent of a doctorate in mathematical physics. She would also be one of three winners that year for the Talbaru medallion (the Caitian equivalent of the Fields medal) for her work in establishing polynomial equations describing higher dimensional spaces. This in turn earned her a space in the Caitian Space Forces Academy.

K'ristun was a team lead at a research station with the rank of Zan when a Caitian Explorer Ship made first contact with a starship of the United Earth Starfleet. Two years later, the governments of Cait and Earth, to establish better understanding and closer ties between their two space fleets, established an officer exchange program between the two fleets. When K'ristun, now a division head at the same research station, heard about the program, it sounded like a dream assignment. She immediately volunteered and did everything she could to be selected for it.
Service Record Years / Assignment / Rank
2152-2156 / Caitian Space Forces Academy
2156-2157 / Science Officer, CSF Fangti / Arbun-do
2157-2158 / Researcher, C'rill Station / Arbun
2158-2159 / Team Lead, C'rill Station / Zan
2159-2160 / Division Head, C'rill Station / Zan-ton
2160 / Training, Earth Starfleet Academy
2160 / Science Officer (Exchange Program), USS Eagle