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Sombra da Águia

Posted on 04 Apr 2018 @ 12:29am by Captain Eugene Cavett

Introducing our third mission: Sombra da Águia!

Eagle is dispatched to check the Communication's Relay, Echo 4, which has gone offline without warning. The relay had been recently upgraded by Engineers while en route to a new colony located at Mineiros. When the crew arrives at the location of the relay only a debris field is found. It was obviously destroyed and by an unfamiliar weapons signature. When Captain Cavett attempts to make contact with the colonial government on Mineiros and no response is received the Eagle responds at Emergency Warp. Upon arriving at the colony they find it in ruins and make contact with a vessel from the Romulan Star Empire.

The name of the colony is based on the name of a Brazillian City randomly discovered on Google Maps by Kristen and so we continued the theme for this next set of missions involving the Romulan Star Empire by naming them in Portuguese the main language of Brazil. The RSE is also known as an "Eagle" and so the translation of our new mission is "Eagle's Shadow".

As we are a bit behind in the start of this mission I will be sending JPs out to a few people tonight to get things moving forward but the first post of the mission will likely be somewhat delayed. I ask all members to begin their posting use the mission notes for information and ask for clarification if needed. Please feel free to begin to write posts but I ask that they're held onto until the first mission post is made by myself or Kristen.



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