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Personnel Changes

Posted on 03 Sep 2017 @ 12:34pm by Captain Eugene Cavett

Hello everyone,

Kristen and I have made some changes to our department policy regarding the MACOs as well as some changes in characters and positions. Most of these will take place IC after the completion of the mission but will be in effect OOC.

Effective immediately the MACO Department will no longer be an active department we recruit for. Members of this department will be made up of NPCs as it is generally not used as often as other roles aboard the ship. The current MACO characters remain in place and we highly encourage members to pick up a MACO NPC.

James has decided to take on the role of Weapons Officer and has created a new character LT William Gallagher who will be promoted to that role at the end of the current mission. For IC purposes until the mission is over William will be the Assistant Weapons Officer but acting department head so that the XO can focus on his role. James will keep his MACO CO character as an NPC.

CDR Renna will be promoted at the end of the current mission to the additional duties of Executive Officer. For IC purposes CDR Odegaard will be NPCed by myself and CDR Renna will remain Senior Watch Officer until the end of the mission. At this time I have no intentions on appointing a new senior watch officer and will revisit that at the conclusion of the current mission.

Any questions please let me or Kristen know.



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