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Discord Transition

Posted on 01 Feb 2017 @ 4:23pm by Captain Eugene Cavett

Effective this evening our slack team will be disabled and we will now be fully transitioned to our new Discord Server! Discord allowing for better archives and once again having a publicly available chatroom was felt to be a good move for the community. Discord does allow the same desktop, web client, and mobile app availability as well as the ability to have room specific notification settings. When joining our new Discord server you will now see a channel/chatroom for each sim select the room by right clicking or tapping the name at the top (mobile app) and mute the channel if you'd not like to see that room. If you have multiple rooms muted you will be given the option to hide the rooms completely (visible by clicking a drop-down at the bottom of the room list).

Any questions please contact an Administrator or Moderator in the discord server.

Click here to join!


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