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December 2016 Report

Posted on 03 Jan 2017 @ 4:21am by Captain Eugene Cavett

I have to admit that when I logged into Nova for the first time since we started our holiday break I had a little heart attack when I saw nine people over activity limit. It took me a second when my heart returned to its appropriate location that you guys weren't supposed to be posting. I have to say looking at the statistics for the month I'm quite impressed given that we were not functioning fully for almost half the month with my sudden illness, LOAs, and then our holiday stand down. So let's go over our statistics for December 2016:

We had 13 members (now 12) which boasted 13 main characters and 14 secondary characters with which we made 65 in character posts all of which were mission posts. This averages out to about 5 posts per member for the month and I'm very happy with those results. As we are going to be coming back from the holidays and there are some GM/AGM LOAs extending into next week I'm going to set our goal for January 2017 at 50 posts and we'll start heading back in the upward direction for February.

We had a great mission pace going and I'm hoping to resume that and I would like to get this mission completed by the end of the month. I'll be tapping our wonderful volunteers for the ECA Hudson Valley & Klingon groups to get moving with the mission.

2016 was great to the Eagle we've had a few bumps, overcame them all, and we are doing great as a community!

Moving on to January I have a few things to discuss:

First, I'd like to just remind everyone that on the calendar I've posted that I'll have limited access this Wednesday and Thursday my grandfather is having a procedure done and I don't know how reliable of a connection I will have to the website. I know I can post via cell phone but when posts get long it's more difficult and I'll be bringing my tablet with me but I don't know how wifi will do. I'll be staying overnight with him near the hospital and bringing him home the next day where I'm sure I'll be plenty available I just don't have a timeframe so better safe than sorry.

Second, I will be opening up nominations for the Esprit De Corps award beginning immediately and until Wednesday the 11th. The Esprit De Corps award is the HIGHEST award you can achieve on the Eagle and is awarded biannually. This award is for a member of the crew who has shown great pride in their membership to our community. This includes participation, motivating others, and being an example as to why our community is so special. Members must have served for at least THREE months prior to be eligible for this award.

Historically we have not been great about nominations for awards and this is never a compulsory activity, however, I urge everyone to participate in awards as often as possible. This is a great way to show off to the world what an amazing community we have and to express our appreciation of our fellow members. Please get a nomination in by the 11th.

Next, I want to remind everyone based on recent events to please give a look over the community rules and make sure you are aware of what they are. If you have any questions about them please do not hesitate to contact me! I also want to remind everyone to be a part of our community in and out of character! Please get on slack and chat with your fellow members and the other wonderful groups who have joined with us.

A note on the EagleBase (wiki) Project, it regrettably has stalled a bit with the holiday and my illness but we will be getting back to work on that within the month.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for all you do for this community. Please spread the word, bring a friend, and help us grow! There is an award from On Going Worlds that can go to sims, individuals, and fleets please check it out and submit a nomination for the Eagle if you need help or need details please contact Kristen and use my email address (the one) for the sim.

Please remember that all members must clear their activity requirement by the 11th unless you're on LOA or reach out to a member of the staff.

Happy New Year,



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