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Mission 0 Awards

Posted on 17 Nov 2016 @ 12:20am by Captain Eugene Cavett
Edited on 17 Nov 2016 @ 12:21am

I am very excited to announce the very first set of mission awards for the Eagle! These awards are for the period of Mission 0: The Prologue.

Community Support Award

One of the highest awards you can recieve as a member of the Eagle is the first that I have the pleasure of announcing is awarded to Kristen!

The Community Support Award is awarded to any person who has greatly supported the Eagle regardless of membership status. This award may be awarded at the discretion of the Game Master and nomination may be made by any member of the crew and approved by the Game Staff. The awardee must have contributed in such a way that the sim must have benefited greatly in gain of members, readers, or content that otherwise would not have been available.

Without Kristen the Eagle would simply not be a sim. The time that she took modifying our theme to the time she took rewatching the entire Star Trek: Enterprise series to help generate the sim's canon. We cannot thank her enough for her efforts in making this community a possibility.

Parachute Award

Awarded to a member of the crew joined during the mission, already in progress, and made great effort to immediately become part of the plot and the crew. This member must have also met all activity requirements since joining to be eligible for this award.

Our very first Parachute Award goes to Trevor! With the following nomination from Kristen:

Cong showed up when everyone was already in the swing of things, but made an immediate effort to join in the fun.

Character Development Award

Awarded to a member who had outstanding character growth throughout the mission. This award can be nominated by a member of the sim or the game staff at the conclusion of the mission. This award may be awarded to both Primary Playing and Secondary Playing Characters (Personal NPCs).

Kristen has been awarded the Character Development Award for her portrayl of LCDR Viorica Renna as nominated by both Stephen and Shi.

The Eagle crew during our prologue is settling in aboard their new home, we are getting a glimpse into their personal lives, and things are slowly moving toward the day that the crew would get to get underway. All is not well in LCDR Renna's personal life as we see her estranged from her husband. While her husband is determined to continue their relationship he brings he lures the unsuspecting Viorica to his home where there is a co-genitor is waiting and forces her to mate with him taking her character's life and outlook in a new direction. (Stephen)

I have to admit, Viorica's interactions with the crew and her inner thoughts are a great read, especially when it comes down to 'accents.' I'm looking forward to reading more! (Shi)

Relationship Growth Award

Awarded to members of the crew who throughout a mission show growth of a special relationship. This could be a friendship, romantic, or family relationship. This award is nominated by the crew or award by the staff at the conclusion of each mission.

The Relationship Growth Award has been awarded to Stephen and Kristen for their potraly of the relationship between Captain Cavett and Lieutenant Commander Renna. The following were their nominations:

The relationship between Captain Cavett and Lieutenant Commander Renna is a very special friendship. The two are co-workers and quickly grew into becoming best friends. While LCDR Renna has always had a crush on the Captain he has always rejected her more cultural attempts at sleeping with him. However when LCDR Renna's life is in danger and she is sexually assaulted by her now dead husband he realizes her feelings for her. Now in an awkward situation where she is not comfortable with contact and him not wanting to ruin their close friendship how things will progress are uncertain. And will it ever come out that he had her husband murdered? (Stephen)

Though it's not quite clear to me at what stage the relationship is, it's obvious that something is going on between Commander Renna and the captain. (but also her NPC Rebecca and the captain's son, so it goes for them as well). It's enlightening to see relationships develop naturally and I shall be looking forward to read where it'll go in the future. (Syvar)

Plot Twist Award

Awarded to a member of the sim who introduced a major plot twist or some out of the box thinking for a solution to a problem during the mission. This award shall be awarded by nomination of any member or by the Game Staff at the conclusion of the mission it occurred in.

When presented with the fact that his best friend, LCDR Renna, had been sexually assaulted by her husband Gene came up with an out of the box solution by having him murdered. LCDR’s late husband was a powerful Visian diplomat and with fear that he would never see justice and he would continue to harm his friend CAPT Cavett reached out to an old contact from his time in the Army and MACO to have him “disappeared”.

Imperfect Award

Awarded to a member of the sim whose character does not follow the “social norm” in role-playing in which many characters exceed at all they do or get away with doing things wrong or not following orders, etc. This award celebrates willingness to let characters make mistakes, do things wrong, and face consequences of their actions. This award will be awarded by the Game Staff at the conclusion of each mission.

Syvar accepted a transfer from one department to another as a punitive action IC. The writer accepts that IC Consequences must be faced, was a willing participant, and really lead to greater development of the character by taking this action. Not many writers would have gone this direction and the GM Staff greatly appreciates the willingness to take their character in a new direction and explore consequences from an IC action.

Green Award

Not everyone gets along all the of the time this is awarded to those involved in writing a scene including an argument, jealousy, or dislike for another character. This award is nominated by the members of the sim or the game staff at the conclusion of the mission it was in.

This award goes to Reade for his portraly of LCDR Venzia:

Vez and V got off on the wrong foot, with Vez chasing V down to the Captain's quarters for "stealing" an ice pack. (They've since made up.) (Kristen)

For the mishap prior to Syvar's incarceration! (Syvar)

Humor Award

Awarded to a member of the sim who wrote a post with great comedic value.This award may be nominated by any member of the community as well as the Game Staff at the conclusion of the mission it occurred in.

Vez cracks me up. Specifically, barrelling into the mission briefing and then breaking into applause when Admiral Kern showed up—I actually snort-laughed out loud. (Kristen)

Facepalm Award

The Facepalm Award is awarded to a member of the crew who wrote their character(s) into a situation that causes the readers to facepalm, laugh out loud, or maybe even cringe. This could be from a humorous situation or a tense situation including a big mistake. This award is nominated by the membership or awarded by the GM Staff at the conclusion of each mission.

Syvar makes a terrible first impression when meeting the Commanding Officer for the first time when he is placed under arrest on his very first day aboard Eagle. (Stephen)

Syvar's oopsie with the quartermaster, landing him in the brig and then getting transferred to a different department. Eeeeeep! (Kristen)

Plank Owner

This is a very special award given out only once and to the entire current crew membership! Awarded to any member of the Eagle who wrote actively during the prologue "Mission 0". This award honors the commitment, drive, and assistance in developing a brand new simulation to our founding members.

A very special thank you to our founding members:

Stephen, Kristen, Reade, Josh, Syvar, Fallon, Aaron, Galen, Travis, and Shi!

All members are asked to please check your profiles and make sure that your awards are listed correctly in your profile. If there is anything missing or any duplicates please let me know ASAP.




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