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Three Strike Policy

Posted on 18 Oct 2016 @ 5:47pm by Captain Eugene Cavett

Greetings everyone,

Effective immediately the Eagle will be adopting the following Three Strike Policy. The policy is now in effect and will be added to the rules page shortly. If you have any questions please direct them to Stephen.


Stephen & Kristen

Three Strike Policy

In order to help enforce sim rules and activity policies the Eagle will follow a three strike system. A strike may be issued to a member for failure to follow a policy of the sim, such as the activity policy or for failing to comply with the command team’s requests or instructions on a sim matter. Strikes will be in effect for 90 days and clear automatically. If a subsequent strike is issued, the 90 day time period will reset and each strike will clear consecutively. The following is the policy on each strike and its consequences:

• Strike One – Warning; no further action taken.
• Strike Two – Restriction; member will become ineligible for awards (except service awards), promotion (rank/assignment), or to be given any other additional privileges aboard the sim. An Assistant Game Master will lose their AGM status until all strikes are cleared, reinstatement optional.
• Strike Three – Member will be removed from the simulation immediately and will not be considered for application until all three strikes have cleared.

All members of the sim who have been issued a strike have the right to appeal the strike to the Commanding Officer within seventy-two hours.


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