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Recruiting: Operations Officer

Posted on 27 Sep 2016 @ 12:58pm by Captain Eugene Cavett

It's with regret that I have to announce that Twan has resigned from his role aboard Eagle. That being said a Senior Staff position has opened up and we are now actively recruiting an Operations Officer with the goal to find one prior to getting underway for Mission 1.

The Operations Department is responsible for all Helm, Navigation, Computer Operations, and Auxiliary operations aboard the ship. Auxiliary Operations include but are not limited to operation and maintenance of the grappler systems, shuttle pods, and shuttle pod docking systems. The Operations Department is also responsible for all non-engineering maintenance of the ship.

The Operations Officer (OPS) is the department head responsible for all operations of the department and its activities throughout its many divisions. The Operations Officer is responsible for the management of the department's schedule, ensuring all assigned duties are carried out within the department and ensuring all Officers assigned to the department are properly trained and fit for duty. OPS is also responsible for supporting the Operations Chief in all matters regarding the NCOs and Enlisted Crew assigned to the department.

OPS is a member of the Senior Staff, reports to the XO, and is ranked Lieutenant or above.

Applications should be sent via the join form on the Eagle's website, questions directed via contact form, and all active crew members are requested to please share with friends or post as desired.



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